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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Summon Dragonfly #shittywizardspells #
  • Not only seeing the X-Men movie today, but (1) it's a short walk and (2) there's dim sum en route. #richmonddistrict #415 #
  • Was much more of a Fantasy Trip kid than a D&D kid. #
  • RIP, jazz pianist Ray Bryant (b. 1931). #
  • Morning sounds: fridge chirping and droning like a field of insects, wind playing in the chimney, vehicles passing cautiously on wet street. #
  • All my kid's electric toys that make noise should come with a "simulated low battery" setting. #
  • Craigslist photo compression makes every posted item look like it is stolen. #
  • RT @ario: Every time a piece of tempting audio content is made available as stream-only with no download option, an angel loses its wings. #
  • A favorite from my comics-editing days. Man, 1993. RT @TrueSwamp: Here's a sweet old Lutes/Lewis morsel #
  • Fairly certain that Pringles canister on stage is an instrument. #noiselife #
  • My first concert-going experience since the whole #noiselife thing. #
  • "Live in Tokyo" by @taylordeupree, courtesy of @selftitledmag, will be this evening's soundtrack: #
  • In a lesser work, this is where the starkly defined parameters commonly referred to as "melody" would make themselves plainly heard. #
  • Sound Shapes game looks solid (via @nobuooo) But @gamespy discussion = humorously retrograde-fanboy #
  • Briefly enjoying inflated Twitter stats, as I've been followed in previous 36 hours by enough bots to populate an arcade game. #
  • I like when my favorite musicians correspond on Twitter. It inevitably leads to (or discloses existence of) collaboration. #
  • Afternoon audiostream: dank, shifting, pneumatic minimal techno "Trust" by Porto, Portugal's @ocp_pt_vu #
  • Mid-week reminder: if you do the Facebook, there's a page you might Like: #
  • Death metal to the left of me, chucka chucka dance music to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle. At Chinatown branch of @sfplnews #
  • Looking forward to first-Thursday art crawl this evening in San Francisco — anything soundy going on? #
  • RIP, sound mixer Bill Varney (b. 1934), who worked with Walter Murch on the restored Touch of Evil #
  • RT @morganpackard: RT @schweppits Crackling sound of browning chicken goes nicely with new Now Ensemble album. #eartwit #
  • Speaking of #noiselife Joe Colley's Oakland newsstand @issuesshop celebrates its 4th anniversary today #
  • RT @JDKun: The hills are alive with a duet between squad car sirens and a pack of howling coyotes. #NELA #eartwit #
  • You ripped the audio from this video of a cicada-infested wall via @io9 #noiselife #
  • What happens when you mash up @creativecommons + @youtube? We shall see: via @xenijardin #
  • Your instruments are hand-me-downs from your toddler #noiselife #
  • Whoever wrote this sign is unfamiliar with early Eddie Murphy: #
  • Crud. Local comic store won't get this week's issues til tomorrow, due to Memorial Day shipping delay. I need my Criminal #1 #
  • Favorite colors are white, brown, and pink #noiselife #
  • Favorite digital audio formats are .gif and .png #noiselife #
  • Has no idea about this #noiselife activity because handles all communication through MySpace #
  • “@cranksatori: @disquiet "Have you ever thought of putting beats over that?"”#noiselife #
  • Doesn't use a single solitary item sold at Guitar Center #noiselife #
  • "What do you mean it would benefit from the addition of vocals? I was singing." #noiselife #
  • Closest thing to a reunion tour will involve resuscitating decade-old solo pseudonym #noiselife #
  • Has to explain to family that the harsh language in local alt-weekly coverage was, in fact, praise #noiselife #
  • Everyone in the audience is also on the bill #noiselife #
  • Shelf full of broken children's toys #noiselife #
  • Wants velcro cable ties for birthday #noiselife #
  • RT @osakimandias Airport white noise: constant dull surf of blended voices beneath checkpoint alarms, chittering like irate cicadas #eartwit #
  • Response to iPad stylus Cosmonaut (almost 3x $50k goal) gives lie to knee-jerk anti-stylus thinking. #
  • "Artist of science" Gail Wight part of June 2 show at Patricia Sweetow Gallery: My old Nature piece: #
  • My kid turns 9 months today. Singing (for fun and as lullabies) helped reconnect me to the voice after many years in instrumental wilderness #
  • Excellent to see @io9 give a push to Cheryl Leonard's Antarctic-music Kickstarter #
  • Wondering how song-identification services like Shazam are preparing for our generative-music future. #
  • DJ, human or algorithmic, moved from "Death of a Ladies' Man" to "Dark Side of the Moon," confirming their resemblance. #
  • San Francisco Tuesday noon siren muted by death metal at Rosamunde Grill (here for the Tuesday-only hamburger). #
  • Fairly certain I only employ the word "chic" when talking about the band. #
  • And when wipers don't match the beat. RT @taylordeupree: Hate when pitch of my tires on highway pavement don't match song I'm listening to. #
  • Not the sound of hard rain. A hard drive being re-parsed by Songbird. #
  • Yeah, I could see how typing "toot" instead of "root" could confuse a XAMPP/WordPress install. #
  • RIP, Steve Rutt (b. 1945), developer of Rutt/Etra video synth: obit video plugin #
  • Vinyl surface noise + snippets of appropriated instrumentation + broken beats = a combination of which I will never tire. #
  • Pretty sure that "Scandinavian" is an English-language term used to suggest "I have a poor sense of geography." #
  • Really digging "Immigrant Song" by Trent Reznor and Karen O. It's a cover that sounds like a remix, blurring the idea of both. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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