Japanese Beat (MP3)

Japan-based Yoshiteru Himuro has been posting a series of “free beats” on his soundcloud.com/himuro-yoshiteru account. The latest, unceremoniously titled “Free Beats Log Day3,” features a deliriously sloggy rhythm, layers of jittery pecussives, snippets of truncated hollahs, and a memorably little chiptune melody. The strongest of its many strong suits is the way it is shot through with momentary asides, those sudden split-second fissures that serve as instrumental hip-hop’s nanotech vision of that traditional songwriting component, the bridge.

This isn’t short-attention-span hip-hop, by any means. The overall piece proceeds willfully. The interactions merely lend drama. Their insinuation of chance fulfills the promise of the underlying beat, taking its fractured cadence and letting it manifest as occasional chunks of fully formed distraction.

The beat is, all in all, a thorough concoction, and comes highly recommended. Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/himuro-yoshiteru. More on Himuro at himuro-yoshiteru.blogspot.com.

One thought on “Japanese Beat (MP3)

  1. really love the beginning of this track, before you know where it’s headed, before the more genre specific sounds drop in. It gives me a feeling of undefined possibilities…

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