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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • To read today's @LATimesEnt email newsletter you'd have no idea E3 took place this week in LA. #videogames #myopia #
  • Weekend agenda: Berkeley, baby shower, Puerto Rican food, writing, museum visit(s?), record shopping. #
  • Drove car home loaded with hand-me-down baby gates & toys, including phone whose ringer buzzed from inside the trunk whenever we hit a bump #
  • That's the one. Thanks! Now wondering if retronym is a retronym. RT @debcha: @disquiet The word you're looking for is 'retronym' #
  • "Webapp" is like "acoustic guitar," one of those terms that only needed to be created after the fact. #
  • "Exterminate! Exterminate!" RIP, "voice of the Daleks" Roy Skelton (b. 1931) via @guardian #
  • Really wish 9 out of 10 emails I get from weren't trying to sell me something. #
  • Everything I know about sports I learned by clicking on the names I didn't recognize in the Twitter Trends list. #
  • Crud. I thought I had my old interview with Les Paul up on Need to dig it out and post it. #
  • (Buncha RT's for my proposal. Cool.) I vote we name these two new elements Boris and Sunn O))) #noisescience #
  • #noiseparents My kid thinks my Buddha Machine is its night nanny @disquiet @mapmap @gregdavis @lampo @antoniasimigis @stringbot #
  • #noiseparents @mapmap @gregdavis RT @lampo FYI @stringbot @AntoniaSimigis @disquiet & all the moms + dads #
  • Had a feeling last night while trying nifty Les Paul logo on Google's homepage on my iPad that audio part wasn't HTML5: #
  • I vote we name these two new elements Boris and Sunn O))). #
  • Best thing at the end of day isn't the sense of accomplishment. It's the quiet resulting from shutting down desktop computer. #
  • 6:00pm bells. Only audible when the windows are open. #
  • 1st season of CBC TV series Intelligence is The Wire. 2nd (and final) season is Prison Break. Schaun Tozer's score is strong throughout. #
  • Stoller wheel picked up glass shard in another part of town. It was like a cover version of this from a few weeks back: #
  • Excellent #netlabel development: newly created @kikapunetlabel account signals is nearing relaunch. #
  • This @evernote "peek" iPad 2 Smart Cover app would be a cool format for Oblique Strategies: #
  • The iPad app I mentioned yesterday that is adding recording to its feature set is @nodebeat #
  • Belated RIP, producer (Human League, Buzzcocks) Martin Rushent (b. 1948) via @geetadayal @compactrobot #
  • RIP, Lebanese composer Walid Gholmieh (b. 1938); composed Iraq anthem (1979-2003), was on Gorillaz's Plastic Beach #
  • RIP, Swedish drummer and Chet Baker alum Nils-Bertil Dahlander (b. 1928) #
  • Happiness is when one of your favorite sound apps adds the ability to record. #
  • Just noticed that the Shaolin Temple in my neighborhood has a sign out front that reads, simply, "Since 495 AD." #
  • The municipal church bell that is the Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco. #
  • Current favorite "broken beat" filter is to let occasional Twitter @ mentions pause various audio-game apps running on my iPad. #
  • Early patty-cake lessons with 9-month-old oddly reminiscent of early Steve Reich. #
  • Inevitable realization that almost all my posts could be tagged #noiselife #
  • Bjork mentions @reactable in new HTML5 website statement. Interface suggests she's playing with @sonicwire. #
  • I'm all in for composition-by-accrual, but not UI-by-accrual. I really need to give a thorough visual cleansing. #
  • Anyone recommend a more price-effective FTP service than and #diycloud #
  • RT @tobiasreber late night moment thought I heard tiny tinnitus. Turns out I just stood in right place/position to hear light bulb #twittear #
  • RT @ooray Instant, jogging-synced tremolo from the in-ear phone bouncing in and out of my ear with every step. #naturaldsp #twittear #
  • In cafe whose advertised selling points are in the negative: no wifi, no in-house music. Still, lots of us on cellphone-modem'd laptops. #
  • RT @lydrummet Ben Burtt & Gary Rydstrom doing sound design on JJ Abrams' Super 8. That's like having John Lennon & Bob Dylan in same band. #
  • Misread E3 report about Kinect-powered "virtual horse" as "virtual horse meat." … Cooking Mama Izakaya. #
  • Copyright cops travel to 1700, arrest teen Bach for transcribing by hand complete book of keyboard works by Froberger, Kerll, and Pachelbel. #
  • We appear to live in a world in which there's a Death Ray figurine but no Jack Hawksmoor one. via @superheronovels #
  • Crazy. Such a basic tool. Tx. RT @linmu After long research NONE. if i know i have to annotate, convert epub to PDF & use Goodreader. #ebook #
  • Is there an iPad ebook reader app that (1) exports notes (like Kindle app) & (2) has sync-less epub import (like iBooks app)? #
  • RT @mapmap wonderful rolling sounds of thunder tonight in portland. #eartwit #
  • Bring the #noiselife #
  • RIP, Edwin Honig (b.1919), poet and early translator of Fernando Pessoa #
  • Afterdark sounds: trio for tow truck, rattling muffler, and hammer. #
  • "Dream a Little Dream of Me" came on the cafe radio. It's 80 years old this year. Man, those changes. This will be my next ukulele project. #
  • Happiness is when the band sends you soundboard MP3s of the show you just saw. Especially when you left mid-encore to catch the bus. #
  • Door. #
  • X-men movie is a lot of fun. Very pleased they used so much of the great Frank Quitely's visual template. #
  • +$2.50 to Add Chicken Cutlet #shittywizardspells #
  • Not quite sure what I think of "pay with a tweet" approach. Transparency is essential. "Payment" for that prior tweet was four ringtones. #
  • I set on vibrate, but these ringtones are estimable for their simplicity. NB: tweet sponsored via @innothunder #
  • Disappointed that @shazam fails to identify household appliances by their unique drones #noiselife #
  • Calculate Tip #shittywizardspells #
  • Vast amounts of work to do, but overwhelmed by urge to dig out old Steve Jackson micro-games. Rivets! Chitin! Ogre! G.E.V.! #
  • Cloak of Rain Retardant #shittywizardspells #
  • Hashtag Popularity Mirage #shittywizardspells #
  • Dead Batteries #noiselife #shittywizardspells #
  • RT @npseaver We know in certain circumstances the correct continuation of 2,4,6,8 is 10,12,14,16 while in others it's "who do we appreciate" #
  • Increase Backpack Weight x2 #shittywizardspells #
  • Explain Sports Reference #shittywizardspells #
  • Renew Library Book #shittywizardspells #
  • Hex Color Chart #shittywizardspells #
  • Wrap in Mylar #shittywizardspells #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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