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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • There is something inherently humorous about getting a busy signal when one calls a phone company. #
  • Anyone else in San Francisco having trouble with AT&T Internet access this morning? #
  • Having revisited Vitiello's World Trade Center audio, I am apparently marking 911's 10th anniversary by (finally) reading Mira Grant's Feed. #
  • The strongest art memorial to WTC 9/11 may have been made two years before 9/11: #
  • When subject line cuts off after "New 8 hour e" it's nice to find spam hasn't gotten past your filter. Just a long recording. #
  • RIP, Michael Hart (b. 1947), founder of Project Gutenberg (via @dylanhorrocks) #
  • Great first night @sfemf — five sets in less than two hours. A good, brisk start. #
  • RIP, Andrew Householder (b. 1932), my high school chorus teacher. #
  • Looking forward to @sfemf starting tonight @sfmoma. Really wish the Saturday concert didn't conflict with Ikue Mori at Mills. #
  • The Bark of the Fugue #CanineClassical #
  • Magnifidog #CanineClassical #sorry #
  • Beethoven's Symphony No. K9 #CanineClassical #
  • RIP, George Kuchar (b. 1942), underground filmmaker: #
  • The good news is there's a new Steven Soderbergh film this Friday. The great news is there's a new Cliff Martinez score. #contagion #
  • RIP, visionary (and visions-inducing) experimental filmmaker Jordan Belson (b. 1926) via @geetadayal @CtrVisualMusic @quartzcity #
  • Amazing how well Win7 netbook runs after reducing visual fx, turning off Media Player Network Sharing Service & limiting searchable folders. #
  • Very glad to learn Alphas was renewed for a second season. Second most sound-conscious TV drama, bested only by Fringe. #
  • Took one-year-old for routine checkup blood draw. The lab waiting room had tons of generic mags and one novel: Zero History by @GreatDismal #
  • RIP, Creole legend Wardell Quezergue (b. 1930), whose Nola label recorded Robert Parker’s “Barefootin’”plus work by Eddie Bo and Willie Tee #
  • [email protected] Yeah, that Belkin looks like what I'm thinking. This is what I'm currently pondering, or maybe a pair of 'em: #
  • Batteries: 47%, 88%. Headphones: Mute. Day: 72%. #
  • Is there an easy way for audio going into the mic jack of a Windows machine to be immediately funneled out the headphone jack? #
  • Half of the 10 cuts on the Metallica/Reed/Willner album are over 8 minutes long. One is almost 20. #
  • In this cafe everyone's cellphone ring sounds like an episode of House is about to start. #
  • PR processing: Create "PR email" folder. Then a folder for "interesting" PR. Then a folder for "truly" interesting. Then for "musts" … ∞ #
  • Christian Marclay and Ikue Mori are playing the Bay Area this weekend. It's like I never left SoHo or the 1980s. #
  • No fog horn, but the Tuesday noon siren bled into the noon bells. #
  • Sun's coming out, but remain hopeful for fog horn duet with Tuesday noon siren. #
  • These days when a band or solo musician appears after a decades-long break I immediately think, "Madoff retirement plan." #
  • Amazing how more smoothly Win7 runs on netbook with few tweaks to visuals, indexing, start-up programs. Why isn't there a netbook setting? #
  • Fog horns at their most Close Encounters of the Third Kind”“tastic. #
  • Ubuntu: shouldn't be this difficult to install DropBox. Otherwise nice and stable. (Vaguely related: Acer should make RAM upgrades simpler.) #
  • Battery: 98%. Volume: 35%. Day: 56%. #
  • "That is the death metal of exhaust fans," says @markrushtoncom #
  • Phone-made field recording of perhaps the loudest bathroom fan (76 decibels or so) on Geary Boulevard in San Francisco #
  • Battery: 95%. Volume: 78%. Day: 39%. #
  • Consider Kickstarter-ing Joshua Izenberg's I, Slomo doc. I just did. It's about a neurologist who rollerblades in slomo. #
  • Evening sounds: Nothing but the high pitch of a house with a not inordinate amount of electrical devices. #
  • SF Zine Fest was pretty great. Lots of self-published works, plus paintings, buttons, stickers, stationery, and more. #
  • Baby's first experience of Coroner's cover of the Beatles' "She's So Heavy." Every doom-metal band must cover the proto-drone-rock classic. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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