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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Looking forward to the Fluxus event at SOMArts tonight featuring Alison Knowles and Hannah Higgins. #
  • Ben Barry, Everett Katigbak & Matteo Bologna were highlights of yesterday's Brand New Conference. Fluid, improvisational, dense, obsessive. #
  • Channeled my complaints about the music-PR-email deluge into something constructive: #
  • After episode featuring man with dolphin-quality echolocative ability, Alphas has tied Fringe as most sonically conscious drama on TV. #
  • Shareware shout out to SimpleNote, ResophNotes, WinSplit Revolution, Trillian, Chrome, Thunderbird, Orzeszek Timer. #
  • Sometimes a single feature added to a familiar piece of software can make it feel like you have a whole new laptop. #
  • ResophNotes, the SimpleNote application for Windows, now supports pinned notes. This is very good news. #
  • Earbud multi-source cabling: Anyone got a line on something like this but with three, maybe four, inputs? #
  • Evening sounds: bus coming to a stop, paper being moved around, typing, laptop hard drive and fan (really need to switch over to SSD). #
  • Still getting used to saying things like "I have only 18% left to go in this book I am reading." #
  • "Coyotes Provide Soundtrack to Theater in Griffith Park": #
  • Good to break burritos today with @TomComitta in Dolores Park. Now thinking about Unicode poetry, guerrilla opera, and more burritos. #
  • Commitment means setting your wifi to auto-connect. #
  • First time hearing Winehouse since initial flurry following death. Man, what a voice. And how Ronson's exquisite artifice contrasts with it. #
  • RIP, banjo pioneer Wade Mainer (b. 1907): #
  • If there's a Lego Bionicles Camp, there really should be a Fluxus Camp. #noiseparent #noiselife #
  • If we all chipped in 50 cents, would the cafe turn down the music? Maybe for a buck turn it off? #crowdsource #
  • RIP, French DJ Mehdi (aka Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, b. 1977), who's worked with Daft Punk, MC Solaar, Futura 2000, Asian Dub Foundation & others #
  • Tuesday noon siren while reading Feed, the zombie novel by Mira Grant. #
  • Battery: 70%. Headphones: 40%. Day: 96%. #
  • RIP, influential cultural musicologist Christopher Small (b. 1927): #
  • Today's cafe music is one of those stations playing musicians covering their own hits later in life, many recorded with royalties in mind. #
  • Hi, Hive. Any way in Windows 7 to instruct the system to allocate additional memory to a specific Chrome extension? #
  • 9/11 means 10 years ago in a few days I saw Alex Chilton play NOLA's Howlin' Wolf. Tiny crowd tensed whenever police car lights flashed by. #
  • RIP, early trance/ambient musician Barry Craig, aka A Produce. Discussion: Obituary: #
  • RIP, Bill Kunkel (b. 1950), one of the earliest video-game journalists: #
  • Congrats to the great netlabels @dustedwax & Resting Bell for reaching 100th-release milestone: #
  • RIP, Charles Dubin (b. 1919), TV director whose M*A*S*H episodes included one with "silent" soldier with damaged throat #
  • RIP, Sparkplug Comics publisher and comics artist Dylan Williams. Gotta dig up the strip you did for me back in 1997. #
  • My one-year-old sang along to the garbage disposal. #noiselife #musiquedameublement #
  • AT&T has confirmed some Internet outages in the broadly defined SF Bay Area. #took3hours2get2techsupport #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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