Feed the (Audio) Gremlins After Midnight (MP3)

Perhaps we should feed the gremlins after midnight. That’s what Chris Herbert did, albeit inadvertently. He came back to his desk one morning to discover that he’d left some audio software going overnight. It picked up stray sounds and converted them into an alternately blissful and tension-riddled stretch of glitchy wonderment, which Herbert posted at his soundcloud.com/chrisherbert account under the title “untrammelled/overnight.” If you enjoy it, download it quickly, as Herbert reports, “I’ll likely delete this in short order.”

If you’d like to hear what this same software was intended to be used for, Herbert explains that over at youtu.be he posted a purposeful composition he’d made with it.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/chrisherbert. More on Herbert at chrisherbert.net and twitter.com/cjherbert. (Image from flickr.com courtesy of the Creative Commons.)

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