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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Far as I can tell, the sonic fun of the season premiere of Fringe was solely Walter growing an ear in his lab. #
  • That's what I'm talking about RT @EdieBushwick Theo Parrish doing "Trouble Man"/"Super Fly"; Philip Jeck doing "Once Upon a Time in America" #
  • The neutrinos in my neighborhood are getting all "look what we did." #
  • Pavement paraphrase: netlabels start up each & every day, I saw another one just the other day, a special new netlabel: #
  • RIP, guitarist John Du Cann (b. 1950), of Atomic Rooster, and other bands. #
  • Musicians should cover film scores. Like to hear Scanner do Code 46, DJ Krush do Blade Runner, Battles do Requiem for a Dream. #
  • At the start of the Person of Interest pilot, I kept waiting for Jim Caviezel's character to reveal himself to be the Sub-Mariner. #
  • Someone's cellphone on the quiet floor of the library squeals the "smells of elderberries" line from Monty Python, and no one even looks up. #
  • ♪ Afternoon audio stream: Rhythmic, downtempo, blippy "London Stock Exchange": #
  • What a difference upping RAM from 1GB to 2 makes on a netbook. Highly recommended. As Paul McCartney sang, "Soon right away, right away." #
  • The theme song to the TV series Alphas should be David Bowie's "Oh! You Pretty Things." #
  • New 'Dragon Tattoo' trailer lacks Zep cover but has Reznor/Ross score RT @trent_reznor: taste of what we've been up to” #
  • Not so much Scylla and Charybdis as foghorn and baby's breathing. #
  • Why does Outlook appear to use about 1/3 the memory of Thunderbird? #win7 #
  • The Who-song miniatures that open the CSI TV shows aren't remixes. They're reductions, the bouillon cubes of pop music. #
  • If DC Comics or Marvel ran network TV, there'd be a crossover week in which Ted Danson appeared on every show. #
  • Wasn't looking at TV but heard commercial for what I thought was Apple, in which woman says, "It just works." Turns out it was Advil. #
  • Sometimes I forget that "The Sheltering Sky" by King Crimson doesn't have lyrics, the solo is so melodious. #
  • First time listening to Gang Starr when I had momentarily forgotten Guru had passed. #micgladiator #
  • Finished Mira Grant's Deadline (and Feed). In advance of Blackout (due June 2012), what of hers should I read next? #
  • When a band no longer lives in close proximity or plays regularly are they really "together"? What's a band "trial separation"? #
  • ♪ Afternoon audio stream: midtempo synth pulses at #
  • Cool to hear it applied to different music. RT @ThicketApp just released FREE version of Thicket for NYC SONiC festival #
  • Another season of NCIS, another semi-surreptitiously placed Venetian Snares poster. #
  • Tonight's incidental music: whir, rattle & beep of PG&E cherry picker outside our front window helping neighbors get back their electricity. #
  • Dearest Thunderbird, you've caught a case of iTunes-itis. Please speed up and trim down. Devotedly, win7boy15 #
  • After a week of working solely on a laptop, the desktop's whir makes it feel like writing on an airplane. Steve Reich is masking the noise. #
  • Thought I was being hyperbolic with my "what's wrong with PR" piece Just got another email with no descriptive text. #
  • Dear living room console, even though you are equipped for 5.1 surround sound, you'll always be the stereo to me. #
  • Finished Mary Davis' survey of the life of Erik Satie, who taught us the cure for love: play his Vexations 840 times. #
  • Imagining Samuel Johnson's @kickstarter campaign to cover research & publication of his dictionary. #
  • I've got foghorns on a sunny day. When it's warm outside I've got the month of September. #
  • Skype: powered by grandparents. #
  • Headphones: 6%. Day: 52%. Battery: 85%. #
  • Cliff Martinez's score for Contagion is often quite JD Emmanuel. #
  • Copyright Timecops arrest Erik Satie for lifting theme from "Mon Rocher de Saint-Malo" for his "Holothuria." #
  • The dehumidifier sounds as if there's a massive swarm of insects outside the house. Like if white noise was a horror movie. #
  • White House had Fluxus hero Alison Knowles at poetry night with Common & Ubuweb's Goldsmith. Son-in-law: Deputy Social Secretary Reinstein. #
  • Perhaps first Wikipedia entry with photo taken at event where I was present (Fluxus progeny/chronicler Hannah Higgins) #
  • Evening duet for dripping coffee and dehumidifier (car alarm remix). #
  • Evening duet for dripping coffee and dehumidifier. #
  • A Fluxus event's effectiveness can be gauged by how long after it ends you still read street signs as instructions for musical performance. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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