Morning Chimes from Iceland (MP3)

Jóhann Friðgeir Jóhannsson, who hails from Ísafjörður, Iceland, and records as 7oi, has in the track “Yup” crafted the perfect little morning-music instrumental. One could do worse than to set one’s alarm clock to “Yup,” and let its slow accrual of chime-like tones set the pace of the day. The initial pulses have the appeal of a metronome made of soft cotton, and in time it gains layers, each slightly apart from each other, lending it a kind of minimalism-lite appeal. Jóhannsson also posted the above video (best viewed in HD), which tracks the slow expansion of the composition.

Audio originally posted for free download at Video at More on Jóhannsson/7oi at Another track by him, “Wsps,” was featured here back in April of this year.

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