The Sounds Behind the Sounds (MP3)

There’s a tremendous narrative juncture early on in Mathias Delplanque‘s “Radio Station,” when the droning electronic music that has been playing thus far is stopped, and we hear what seems to be the button on a cassette player pushed. We then exit a composed world and enter the “real” one, as presented as a series of footsteps and other “real world” sounds. The distinction between real and composed fades quickly, though, as droning, semi-melodic music returns, interpseresed with voices speaking and cars passing by (MP3). Is this subsequent musical sound the work of the individual whose footstapes we heard? Is it the soundtrack of the individual’s life. Are the two mutually exclusive? The sounds, as it turns out, were all collected in May 2008 by Delplanque at JET FM (Nantes), a radio station. The result is a non-narrative, impressionistic documentary on the sound world of the radio station — the sounds, as it were, behind the sounds.

[audio:|titles=”Radio Station”|artists=Mathias Delplanque]

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