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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Apologies for limited coverage this week. Spent much of it battling a fever. #noiseparent #
  • Judging by the microphone distortion, there is either a sports event or a political rally occurring at the nearby high school. #
  • "Director of Previsualization": movie credit of the evening #
  • #occupyclassical RT @operafella: Nilsson award to Muti? Another who doesn't need $1,000,000. A reward for being successful and rich? Dumb. #
  • Between jazz fan played by Danes in Homeland & temperament of Caviezel in Person of Interest it's a very Eastwood season of TV #
  • Many sirens in the Richmond District. Anyone know what is up? #415 #
  • Footlozenge: story of loner teen who cures town of flu symptoms. #footlost #
  • Having those <error>"Your account may not be allowed to perform this action. Try logging out and in again."</error> blues again. #
  • Wondering how many apps aren't playing nicely with iOS5's (quite excellent, but also late to the party) up/down/left/right 4-finger swipes. #
  • RIP, blues harmonica player George "Mojo" Buford (b. 1929), veteran of Muddy Waters' band: #
  • Feeling confident there is an iOS5.1 in our future. #
  • RIP, Dennis Ritchie (b. 1941), creator of C programming language; 1983 winner of Turing Award. via @hecanjog @fortnow #
  • RIP, Freddie Gruber (b. 1927), jazz drummer and instructor (Vinnie Colaiuta, Neil Peart) #
  • Accidentally listening simultaneously to Slum Village instrumentals and Drone Wallah (aka C.P. McDill). Not a bad combo. #
  • Nice iOS5 feature: swipe up four fingers reveals multitaskbar. No more late-night home-button clicking. Also swipe left/right between apps. #
  • All software licenses should include — perhaps be required to include — an option to save the document as a text file. #
  • Been reading coverage of Neal Stephenson's @Official_GDC Q&A. The word "music" was in the title. Anyone explain what he said about music? #
  • #depressingsitcoms Hogan's Enemies #
  • #depressingsitcoms The Flying None #
  • 16: Number of minutes between iCloud welcome email and iCloud "Your iCloud storage is almost full" email. #
  • Diggin the Android-style pulldown notifications & UMPC-style split keyboard in iOS5. Well, will once sync ends. #shouldawaitedonbibliophilia #
  • 11:17am: iPad update to iOS5 pretty much complete. Apps being restored via wifi. This will take some time. #
  • Restore in Progress. #livetweetingios5upgrade #
  • 10:42: iOS5 update: "An unknown error occurred (1611)" #experience #
  • Starting iOS5 update to iPad at 10:06am California time (and, yeah, Oregon time and so on). #
  • Remixers, start your samplers: That audio of police scanners from OccupyBoston made available for download: #
  • The iOS5 release time in your IP time zone: … Looking forward to going "PC free," if only for device-charging ease. #
  • Fog horns sound like someone's honking on the road to Valhalla. #
  • News for hip-hop instrumental listeners: @Piecelock70 says "At some point, absolutely" re: chance of @puts Highlighter instrumentals release #
  • RIP, MoCA donor/trustee Bea Gersh (b. 1924), "one of America's top arts philanthropists" via @TylerGreenDC #
  • Yowza. I'm guessing PUtStairs isn't asking you to buy more stuff. RT @primusluta: Got nothing on People Under The Stairs 1.2GB of pure audio #
  • Latest edition of the Björk Biophilia app (1.3) is 725MB, according to iTunes. There's a thin line between ambition and bloat. #
  • Tuesday noon siren with most of the house's windows open. #
  • Between the Avengers trailer and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer, it looks like Reznor/Nine Inch Nails is the new Peter Gabriel. #
  • Reflecting on once ubiquitous TV pitchman Don Lapre's recent suicide, isn't Google's business model mostly "placing lots of tiny ads"? #
  • Look on face of guy who left laptop in taxi & woman with dead drive at Genius bar make me want Bill Viola to do portraits of data-loss grief #
  • Someone needs to assign Christopher Sorrentino to review Person of Interest. #
  • Thus far, much spam seems to be observing Columbus Day. #
  • Nearing-midnight sounds: laptop drive/fan, car revving few blocks away, jet engines to south, general high-pitched electr(on)ic whir. #
  • It's not that my laptop's speakers are unusable. It's just that they're only loud enough from 9pm through 7am, when the world is quiet. #
  • Per Joseph Lanza's Elevator Music, Roger Williams' "Autumn Leaves" arpeggios had to do with him thinking title to be "Falling Leaves." #
  • RIP, pop pianist Roger Williams (b. 1924), whose solo instrumental "Autumn Leaves" once topped the U.S. charts. #
  • Last few days with the humidifier. Its bee-hive drones will be missed — far more than the Blue Angels. #
  • Averroës's Search Engine #opensourceborges #
  • A USB Thumbdrive History of Iniquity #opensourceborges #
  • RT @EdieBushwick: @disquiet The Google Docs of Babel #opensourceborges #
  • The Garden of Forking Software #opensourceborges #
  • Wanna rationalize Macbook Air purchase, but eM/MSE/Chrome & RAM upgrade have netbook flying. Later I'll convince myself netbook is backup. #
  • RT @DaveSeidel: @disquiet The network is the venue. :-) [1. Indeed. 2. He's talking about this: #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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