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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Deciding whether adding stars to my @goodreads reviews would be act of good citizenship or betrayal of my dislike of quantitative appraisal. #
  • Nice during walk to ocean that passing cars provide foley of rough surf and breaking waves. #
  • RIP, photographer Barry Feinstein (b. 1931), whose LP covers include Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin & the Byrds' Mr. Tambourine Man. #
  • World especially quiet, hours after earthquake. #
  • All of the animals on the farms we are passing are facing away from the setting sun. #
  • "in loco parentis": Latin for "students feel oddly comfortable leaving expensive laptops while they go to the bathroom or out for a smoke" #
  • From the news footage, looks like a whole lotta V for Vendetta cosplay at New York Comic Con this year. #
  • Cafe streaming an "obscure and bland covers only" digital radio station. Like if Fringe's alt universe was soft-rock-only zone. #
  • [email protected] There needs to be some #occupycafestereo action. in reply to mrkvm #
  • A music track shared with 4953 people cannot be said to be private. #
  • Really need hyper-local quick-action micro-Kickstarters. Like, where we can get $20 together to bribe cafe's clerk to turn off the stereo. #
  • Night sounds: laptop fan/drive; car opting out of the stop sign; Tivo fan/drive; bus loping toward the beach; general electric whir. #
  • Was told our 1-year-old ate "sorrel" today. Judging by state of our magazines, I imagined this meant a bunch of torn out New Yorker cartoons #
  • That sudden rush of water from below concrete on cold San Francisco day. Your ears interpret it as a spring, but your gut knows better. #
  • Unrelated tweets in a row: @GlennF: $11m avg rev/store = roughly 100 sales per day/store. Room to grow there. @primusluta: I hate shopping. #
  • Got screener of new @warrenellis documentary (Captured Ghosts). Need to get a heap done before rewarding myself. #
  • Especially echo-laden Tuesday noon siren while yapping on Twitter with friend about media as metaphor. #
  • 100s of cars on market. Few have "killed" each other (accidents aside). Tech journalists using word "killer" are aping worst habits of PR. #
  • RIP, Pete Rugolo (b. 1915): chief Stan Kenton arranger, TV composer, Mills graduate, Milhaud student: #
  • Whoah. Thanks to Frank Santoro for shout out in interview he did. Material on my comics editing starts at 9:00 point: #
  • Costco sound art. Wiper-blade metronome. Vegas bldg noise. Everyday audio documented in my piece in new Vague Terrain: #
  • Honored to have piece in Vague Terrain 20 alongside work by David Kristian @readywater @robcruickshank @dafydd61 others #
  • RIP, Edgar Villchur (b.1917) hi-fi innovator ("Stereophile magazine … credits him with bringing hi-fi into the home") #
  • RIP, literary/media theorist Friedrich Kittler (b. 1943) via @npseaver @juspar #
  • Issue with digital watermarks for press is: record label doesn't trust reviewer's honesty but reviewer must trust label's security/rigor. #
  • The hills are alive with the sound of infrastructure improvements. #
  • New Animoog synth iOS app just $.99 for a short while. Quite nifty. Anyone found a manual? (via 1/4 of my Twitter feed) #
  • Evening sounds: sleeping-baby breathing, typing, motorcycle passing by several blocks away, light breeze, refrigerator hum. #
  • A TV show consisting simply of Fringe's Dr. Bishop conversing with Alphas' Gary? I'd loop each episode repeatedly until a new one aired. #
  • Fave clarification of the day. RT @serial_consign: Reference to 'civilization' in earlier tweet was civilization of the Sid Meier variety. #
  • This has so many applications. RT @xenijardin: Be the media you wish existed. #
  • Dear Hive: Does or does not Notational Velocity support/sync tags with @simplenoteapp? #osx #
  • RIP, Everett Ellin (b. 1928), helped computerize art catalogs; first exec director of Museum Computer Network #
  • This is the DJ Krush live set I am streaming. Gets going around four minutes in: @soundcloud #
  • It's a DJ Krush kinda evening. Later maybe Kid Koala or Funki Porcini, but for now: Krush. #
  • L.A. TMI #hipstercopmovie #
  • Miami Vice Street Team #hipstercopmovie #
  • Q: "Who is Keyser Soze?" A: "I don't know — I just thought this T-shirt looked kinda cool." #hipstercopmovie #
  • "Go ahead. Make my Tumblr." #hipstercopmovie #
  • "My Twitter account is @mrtibbs" #hipstercopmovie #
  • “This is a real badge, I’m a real cop, and this is a real fixed-gear bike”#hipstercopmovie #
  • Awesome. AT&T acknowledges issue on DSL line. ETA for fix: 10pm this coming Thursday. Any San Francisco tips for alt providers? #
  • 5:00pm bells conspicuously early. #
  • Dear Hive: Does giving zero stars to book on GoodReads count against its average? I dislike stars but don't wanna unintentionally downgrade. #
  • Is Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent derivative of anything in particular to the even the slightest extent that so much is derivative of it? #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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