Click (MP3)

The “click” has a pleasing quality. It differs from the beep, the more common signature of electronic sound. The click is no less digital, though it connects to the physical world in the way the beep doesn’t, given its association with small mechanical devices. The click’s pleasing quality is especially evident in a dub context. The click is a pixel tall, and a pixel wide, and a pixel deep, and it can either puncture a cloud of echo, or float amid it. The sharp sound is a dutiful reminder of the digital source of the sonic material. The word provides the title to a recent collection by Krotos (aka Renzo Peressi, who also goes by Abluonihil, Mendigo, and Remell), and the first two tracks on the recording (MP3, MP3) make the most of it — which is to say, they make the least of it, letting the click provide a rhythmic blueprint, and never losing sight of the kind of simplicity that truly deserves the genre attribution “minimal techno.”

[audio:|titles=”Click 1″|artists=Krotos] [audio:|titles=”Click 2″|artists=Krotos]

All 14 tracks of Krotos’ Click are available for free download and streaming at, from the netlabel, where it is the 74th release.

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