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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Yeah, Apple's mail doesn't mark replies consistently, which is why (well, one of the whys) I've used Thunderbird. #
  • Ambient music is especially meaningful when perpetrated on tools that were previously relegated to a supporting role. #
  • Thunderbird is proving just as (un)stable in OS X Lion as it was in Windows 7. #
  • For Black Friday all MP3s in's Downstream department available for free download. Oh wait, that's true every day. #
  • Digital thanks for Soundcloud HTML5 player, genial Twitter correspondence, revival of Delicious, and 15 years of Disquiet. #
  • "Audio cassette" jack in back of cash register. #
  • Foil on pies in back of car rattling like snare drums. #
  • Was thinking my laptop needs a decal. RT @dpnem: Built a Creative Commons Music logo jpg: , png #
  • RIP, composer Russell Garcia (b. 1916), who scored Pal's Time Machine (1960) and Atlantis (1961) and arranged Chaplin's Limelight (1953). #
  • Thought I could go whole week without writing about Souncloud-hosted track. Foiled again. Happily, thanks to new HTML5 player. #
  • 75 years ago today Robert Johnson (in US) & Pablo Casals (in UK) sat down to record; @RadioDiaries has the story: #
  • Side of van for service handling neighbor's fire-damaged home reads "Like it never happened®" — I'm living in a PDK novel. #
  • Both comforted and discomforted that Thunderbird crashes just as often in OS X Lion as in Windows 7. #
  • Great @notrobwalker piece on Smule music apps: named for Asimov, bigger than pop charts, deeply "liberal arts + tech": #
  • RIP, avant-guitarist Hans Reichel (b. 1949), inventor of the daxophone: (via @pheezy @pmarg) #
  • "The ambient quiet allows you to pick up tremors of deep dread": @nytimesarts on Cronenberg's “A Dangerous Method." Next: Cosmopolis's Satie #
  • RIP, Syd Cain (b. 1918), movie production designer. Developed gadgets for early James Bond films, worked on Fahrenheit 451. #
  • In L.A. area? Steve Roden has Pasadena sound installation using JPL & ionosphere tapes thru Jan 11, 2012 #
  • Discussing the classical origins of drones with @operafella, starting with Perotin: #
  • The Unsilent Night MP3 download page randomly selects which of the four variations you'll receive: #
  • Cities with Unsilent Night for 1st time this year: Austin; Edmonton; Jackson, MS; Mobile; Portland, OR; Seattle; Silver Spring, MD; Toronto. #
  • Always looking forward to black metal Friday. #
  • The word formulation "holidaze" like linguistic napalm. #
  • If you are interested in helping set up a Los Angeles date for Unsilent Night, lemme know, and let @UnsilentTweet know. #
  • Oh, and Unsilent Night is on Twitter, for all your secular-wassailing needs: @UnsilentTweet #
  • Solid video-game-score recommendations. RT @compactrobot: @disquiet these were good, #
  • This year's supposed to be coming-out part for video-game music at Grammy Awards. Wondering what'll be nominated on 11/30. #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco on a cold day through closed windows. #
  • Among @idelsohnsociety events is live Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) score to Grigori Roshal's 1928 film His Excellency (Yevo Prevoshoditelstvo). #
  • Throughout December I'm helping @idelsohnsociety with Outer Mission pop-up store/venue. If you're in #415 follow @idelsohnsociety for news. #
  • Unsilent Night will be on Dec. 17, 2011, in San Francisco. Global chedule is accumulating here: #
  • Haptic sound = feeling vibrations from speakers that are underneath keyboard in Macbook Air #
  • Macbook sounds great through stereo, running via Edirol UA-25ex. #
  • Great to see @soundcloud pushing itself as being about "sound" (not "just 'music'"). Always in the name. Now, more and more, in the message. #
  • Finding lingering document in rarely used scanner feels like, as a teen, finding stray yarmulke in suit-jacket pocket. #
  • Starting Dec 1, I will be engaging in a serious culling of the PR email that I receive. We'll see how that goes. #
  • A drummer named Motian. Always felt like something out of Dickens, especially after he declined to travel. #
  • RIP, drummer Paul Motian (b. 1931): colleague of Bill Evans, Bley, Frisell, Jarrett; ECM mainstay (via @pheezy) #
  • iOS sound-apps update: Thicket is now ThicketClassic; new app due out. Also, Falling Stars has fixed saving option. #
  • "The voice of this cloudy air": A daily comic, its text drawn (so to speak) from Thoreau, by @madinkbeard #
  • More prominent was tangential sound: chainsaws, water, beeping, chatter. RT @mrgavinedwards: @disquiet But what does the fire sound like? #
  • Often as not, the best moments in a minimal techno track occur during the track's first few seconds. #
  • House across street on fire. Four firetrucks, as many emergency vehicles. Fireman on adjacent roof using chainsaw to get to smoke's source. #
  • That alarming moment when firetrucks appear to be slowing down, not passing by. #
  • Got the next Sketches of Sound pieces (Disquiet's 20th such monthly entry), from @bartalos. Tremendous drawings of bicycle horns. Up soon. #
  • I used to DJ on KDVS, Davis' college station. Thinking back to my old shows. Don't know if people get what a placid town Davis is. Or was. #
  • That moment in the day when you have a sense of what your dreams will be about. RT @vuzhmusic: @disquiet I am imagining a click-tesseract. #
  • The click is a pixel tall, and a pixel wide, and a pixel deep. #
  • Thunder and wild geese overhead. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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