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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Haven't watched Boss yet, but just noticed Brian Reitzel does the music. Must check it out. #
  • Convinced that due to its digital texture & similar arrangement with original, the Zep cover in Dragon Tattoo is as much a remix as a cover. #
  • Instagr/am/bient update: Already have 4 of what's looking like 25 entries. Beautiful stuff so far. Picturesque, you might say. #
  • Really confused by the 20k song limit in Google Music. #
  • 7:30pm, people. Looking forward to this. RT @UnsilentTweet: Tomorrow night, San Francisco! #
  • Witnessing far more tablet-reading in public. The fetish has thankfully given way to practical use. #
  • [email protected] @telstarlogistic @inceptiontheapp There should be a Buddha Machine of scifi spaceship HVAC/engine drones. in reply to dizzybanjo #
  • More to my taste. Thanks. RT @TelstarLogistic: Or, if you prefer to idle with the original Enterprise: #
  • "For Marc: The Next Generation's Enterprise engine noise, looped for 24 hours." #EmailOfTheDay #
  • Today's when automated PR emails go out wishing us happy holidays before PR folks go on vacation, during which we'll get automated PR emails #
  • Spaghetti Eastern: great footage by @mrbiggsdotcom of a Dec 3 synth meet-up in Philadelphia: #
  • Apple outdoes Spinal Tap: its volume goes to 16. Bonus tip to my @TheAtlantic OS X sound design piece: Thanks, @linmu. #
  • Mexican-American banda group from LA covering "Just Can't Get Enough" is most New Orleans experience I have had since leaving NOLA in 2003. #
  • Earplug run before the punk-banda concert. And some pupusas. #
  • I have five more @ThisIsMyJam beta invites. You'll need either a Twitter or Facebook account if you want one. Hit me up. #
  • A pleasure. You are king of the "colliding banter" genre. RT @alln4tural: more than a handful of listens — must be a @disquiet post. #
  • Even if its podcast wasn't great @thetheradius worth observing for how it conducts itself: advance notice, elegant design, clear description #
  • Judging by poor showing by political bloggers I follow, presidential primary has been an effective tool to keep SOPA coverage at a minimum. #
  • So, #SOPA cures issue of surfing online being "offensive" by drastically reducing attraction of surfing in the first place. #
  • Very confused there's a hearing about Portuguese soup. Talk about congressional pork. #
  • If @time were a music magazine, the waveform would be the person of the year. #
  • 1954 quote from obit: “It has to be a combination of science and showmanship. If there’s a sunrise, we furnish appropriate sunrise music”#
  • RIP, Joseph M. Chamberlain (b. 1923), planetarium innovator who appears to have been a godfather of laser light shows: #
  • Many thanks. RT @alexismadrigal: On @disquiet's quest to make his already quiet Macbook Air into a silent computer: #
  • I got a Macbook Air, quietest computer I've used. I tried to make it quieter. Then I wrote about it for @theatlantic: #
  • Playing with (free) generative iOS app #MonolithLoop before bed. #
  • Please consider supporting the great (largely electronic) arts fest @communikey in Boulder: Tons of cool pledge prizes. #
  • Says something about iTunes file management that subculture of intra-app file-sharing is needed. Anyhow looks promising #
  • Four new/reworked DJ Krush tracks are streaming at the @blasthaus_ site, #
  • Fairey fails Turing test, actually an algorithm. RT @Shocklee: Shepard Fairey based TIME cover on LA Weekly photograph: #
  • The mark of a good bbq place may be that it's proud enough of its food not to feel required to play the blues. #
  • It's about gadget, not warez, apparently. And, yes, that's #stupid @mclow @GlennF What about using a voice recorder app on a phone? #
  • Pulled over for using phone while driving. But it was voice recorder. Cop said, "You are correct, you know the law." Let me go. #
  • Major thanks to, developer of my new WordPress theme, a thorough refinement of site's longstanding design #
  • Thanks! RT @dizzybanjo: "Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code." New motto. Love it! #
  • All outta @ThisIsMyJam invites. #
  • OK,'s new theme has launched. Some work ahead, but it's live. I feel like I have a brand new super cool bicycle. #
  • When's 3.0 theme goes live, I'd appreciate folks letting me know what's broken. Inevitably there will be some cleanup. #
  • I have 5 @ThisIsMyJam beta invites. If you want one (you need either Twitter or Facebook to sign up), lemme know. #
  • Found myself looking for volume button on microwave to lower sound of reheating Sichuan pork dish. #
  • Disquiet 3.0 is still WP. New theme improving on longstanding design. RT @jackshay: @disquiet what made you want to change from WordPress? #
  • 1.0 was 1996-2007, when it switched from hand-coded HTML to WordPress (Disquiet 2.0). Stripped-down Disquiet 3.0 soon. #
  • Shift from 2.0 (2007-present) underway. May be some peculiar post formats for a little while. Just part of transition. #
  • Working backward, adding pre-web stuff to Disquiet, someday I'll get to my King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair high-school newspaper review #
  • Major progress on design of 3.0. It essentially looks the same, just cleaner/simpler. Smoother loading. #
  • Parenthood Panopticon: keeping ear and eye on your baby while being, yourself, watched by the eyes of dolls and others toys. #
  • The stages of the word "ball" as it develops in mouth and mind of a child: via @roberttheakston #
  • Performed WSBurroughsian cutup by only reading each page in book until my 15-month-old turned the page: cascade of truncations #
  • Thanks. I'll check out this HTML5 player. RT @tones: @disquiet SoundManager is pretty great #
  • [email protected] How about minus the waveform, just an elegant, easy-to-embed HTML5 audio player. The ones I've tried are all alpha. in reply to tones #
  • Really wish there were an open-source HTML5 audio embeddable player half as elegant as the @soundcloud one. #
  • Apparently I wandered into Facebook #
  • The Sims was fun. Minecraft is a lot of fun. Where is the game where you just make a single fat pixel? #
  • At 15 months, my kid says many specific words. What's confusing is these include "buh" (book), "boh" (bowl), "bah" (ball) & "bih" (bird). #
  • Nice way to start the day: news of a new, self-released Funki Porcini album: #
  • "'Drive' is the year’s best long-form music video. That score! Ambient murder-drone and wineglass-rim whine." That's @pappademas in @nytimes #
  • We're now getting started on Stage 2 of Instagr/am/bient: images have been distributed to musicians. Tracks due back by Christmas Eve. #
  • Just saw Dengue Fever at Tikva Records. My interview with Zac Holtzman touches on Cambodian/Sephardic modal parallels: #
  • The SSD effect: annoyed by wife's laptop's hard drive and fan. #
  • Playing my kid the Schoolhouse Rock song about how bills get made. It was a lot more fun before, well, before I knew anything. #
  • You're right. I'd respond more but I try not to tweet about Twitter. #echo RT @GlennF: Twitter is the string and it thinks it’s the tin can. #

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