Fennesz Modern Dance Score (MP3)

[audio:http://www.touchshop.org/touchradio/Radio73.mp3|titles=”On Invisible Pause”|artists=Fennesz]

The first Touch Radio free download of the year is nothing less than a Fennesz performance for modern dance. The work is “On Invisible Pause,” choreographed by Christopher Arouni, and it was part of SkÃ¥nes Dansteater’s performance HAZE on November 4, 2011, in Malmö, Sweden. The piece is lengthy and rangy, encompassing vast stretches of bright drone, and melodic sways of Fennesz’s trademark guitar (MP3). A brief note at the organization’s website provides some information on the project:

In On Invisible Pause six dancers hover between the visible and the invisible. What does it mean to be present, without necessarily being visible to the outside world, or visible even to the person standing next to you, the closest? Austrian electronica pioneer Christian Fennesz has composed the music for the piece.

Track originally posted at touchradio.org.uk. More on the dance company at skanesdansteater.se. More on Christian Fennesz at fennesz.com. The recording was mixed by Christopher Arouni, Christian Fennesz, and Anders Myhrman.

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