Chimes and More Chimes

Perhaps the only thing better than a wind chime — the only thing more redolent with the generative wonder inherent in this most basic of automated instruments — is a pair of wind chimes. That is precisely what Josh Davison, who goes by Stringbot, posted recently to his account. It’s a brief track, under a minute in length, but eminently loop-able. The beauty of having a pair of chimes is the extent to which they act independently, seemingly far more so than do the individual rungs of a single chime. The result is a gentle cacophony.

Davison’s sole stated regret? That he had but a mono microphone at this instance: “I wish I had a stereo mic with me, this is two sets of wind chimes. I was standing in between them.”

2 thoughts on “Chimes and More Chimes

  1. Hey Marc, thanks for the post! A little backstory about the sounds: my parents moved into a Pennsylvania retirement community last spring and on my visits I kept hearing these beautiful chimes as I walked to and from the parking lot.

    Standing between the two chimes is a wonderful sensation, the recordings don’t come close to capturing the feeling of being enveloped in the relaxing tones — they echo off the surrounding cottages and the sound seems to come from all directions at once.

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