New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • There are 13 duets for fog horn and steam whistle in the Junto, and midnight Monday, the deadline, is a long way away: #
  • Jan 14 = Instagr/am/bient Track 14 = @atlastop's rendering of an @instagram by @mapmap : #
  • All but 2 Instagr/am/bient tracks have over 300 plays on @soundcloud. One has over 3,500. Three others have over 1,000: #
  • RIP, prolific Japanese composer Sadao Bekku (b. 1922), whose work included the score to Matango (aka Attack of the Mushroom People). #
  • Already 7 duets for fog horn & train whistle in second Junto. Looking forward to new ones between now & midnight Monday #
  • Jan 13 = Instagr/am/bient Track 13 = @markrushtoncom's sonic "floatation tank" inspired by Oootini's @instagram: #
  • "post processing was extensive": @atlastop on his Instagr/am/bient track: #
  • Noon bells against the brakes of an 18-wheeler making a sudden stop. #
  • Prong to play Fullerton, Sacramento, Santa Clara & Fresno but not San Francisco. Any number of its song titles encapsulate my disappointment #
  • A helpful description by @jbutlerjbutler about his contribution to the first Disquiet Junto: #
  • Yes, for Disquiet Junto 2 just use those two sounds. RT @gesslr: Does that mean the only *sounds* in the piece are based on those 2 samples #
  • Woke to three tracks in the just announced Disquiet Junto #2 #foghorn #trainwhistle #
  • Disquiet Junto #2 "Duet for Fog Horn & Train Whistle." Horn: Whistle: Info: #
  • You're on the list until you request not to be. RT @_muncky: if one signs up for #junto is it necessary to sign up each week? #
  • 2nd Disquiet Junto to be announced shortly. Track due by midnight Monday. (Send me your email for details. Or read: #
  • Jan 12 = Instagr/am/bient Track 12 = @warrencraghead collated field recordings to respond to @orangecookie's @instagram #
  • If you do Facebook, there's a Disquiet page: It's not as natural to me as Twitter, but conversations do occur. #
  • PR emails announcing "new album title revealed" exist to demarcate the bottom threshold of information. #
  • Me, too. Sorting out details (assignment, FAQ revisions). RT @gesslr: @disquiet – anxiously awaiting the next in the #junto series. #
  • An email in which the inadvertently embedded raw .ics data includes the phrase "CALSCALE:GREGORIAN" feels very Anathem. #
  • Jan 11 = Instagr/am/bient Track 11 = @jbutlerjbutler at the sonic crack of dawn thanks to an @instagram by @stijnhuwels #
  • Belated: Jan 10 = Instagr/am/bient Track 10 = @pheezy sight-reading a graphic-score @instagram by @betteroffted #
  • Morning music: 8-artist project due for release soon. After open-ended @Instagram/Junto, a return to concise curatorial mode. #
  • I don't write a lot about music/sound from Portugal, Russia, & China just because I hope to figure out a reason to travel there. Not just. #
  • Judging by his song titles, the talented Justin Hardison is doing the "track a day" thing at his @soundcloud account: #
  • Promised I'd write about more commercial music in 2012 than I did in '11. Things like new Bacanal Intruder make it easy #
  • The second or third rule of being a parent: talk with other parents. Good time spent with @richardnixon and clan this past week. #
  • Pondering projects for next Disquiet Junto communal music endeavor. Many ideas, but which to go with for our second outing? #
  • Where's Waldo? RT @cinchel: listening to submissions in @disquiet Junto sometimes hard to find ice sample. kinda fun. #
  • Probably sounds unlikely given how quickly Disquiet Junto followed up Instagr/am/bient, but 8-artist Disquiet project due soon. Details TK. #
  • As midnight nears, tracks pop up in the Disquiet Junto from Sedona, Oakland, and Chicago: #
  • Two hours until midnight, and there's 49 tracks added to since Friday. Crazy. Much more music ahead. #
  • Not gonna sleep until I hear this. RT @whyarcka: currently making music out of ice in a glass for @disquiet – junto –> #
  • Just sent an email to Disquiet Junto members. If you didn't get it & want it send me your email address. #
  • For the record, was referring to pledge-reward hijinks. :) RT @mlaffs: @disquiet described @kickstarter as "the garage sale of our times" #
  • Watched enough of NBC's The Firm to note it dispenses, sadly, with the piano-only approach that made Dave Grusin's original score unique. #
  • Instagr/am/bient update: track by @pheezy got airplay on @wfmu today: #
  • Rough = good. Disquiet Junto is process, not finished work. RT @ambienteer piece is a little rough around the edges but it was fun making it #
  • Commenting's been unexpectedly strong. RT @benjamindauer: Thanks everyone who listened/commented on my Junto submission #
  • Jan 09 = Instagr/am/bient Track 09 = @jredsmyth turns @benjamindauer's watery @instagram into lovely ebb and flow #
  • Woke to 40 tracks in Disquiet Junto communal sound project: 1st session ends midnight tonight. 2nd starts this Thursday night. #
  • Jan 8 = Instagr/am/bient Track 8 = earsmack's take on a Ronny Nibblets @instagram: #
  • Into coding, not codification. #
  • What a title. RT @sunhammer just uploaded my song for @disquiet junto, '"Please don't cast Ice Cube in Friday" – Jon Hamm' #
  • Drinking my morning iced coffee while listening to the 24 (!) tracks that have accumulated in the first Disquiet Junto @soundcloud project. #
  • Thanks for joining in drone-tastically. RT @resonantstrata: Audio: my contribution to the latest @disquiet project #
  • RIP, Japanese composer Hikaru Hayashi (b. 1931), whose film work included Voice Without a Shadow, Death by Hanging, and The Naked Island. #
  • RIP, Tom Ardolino (b. 1955), drummer for NRBQ. #
  • Thanks for additional context. RT @markrushtoncom: thoughts on track Bruises for @disquiet junto "Ice" #disquietjunto #
  • Exited plane at SFO from LAX to find 14 tracks of music made from ice in 1st Disquiet Junto session: #
  • Very much looking forward. RT @ambienteer: Making weird noises with ice cubes and glass… #
  • The fuzzy, distorting amplifiers at Virgin America LAX are designed to promote a riot mentality among its boarding passengers. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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