Widesky, Live in Seattle (MP3)

The album Floating in Being by Widesky made my top-10 list of favorite free releases from last year, and a recently posted live recording makes a fine follow-up. Taped just three days ago, on January 14, in Seattle, it’s a solo performance by Widesky that mixes foreground and background just as effectively as it does the tensile and the incandescent. There are watery field recordings and harsh textures, there is a layer of broken radio signals that ebb and flow like a tide, but there is also a lovely, sustained undercurrent of angelic guitar, piercing notes that decay so slowly you suspect they never quite fully truly disappear. Widesky lists his equipment as “field recordings, electric guitar, eBow, AM radio, & processing.” The event took place at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, Washington.

Recording originally posted at soundcloud.com/widesky. More on Widesky, aka Seth Chrisman, at effervescent-airwaves.blogspot.com.

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