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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, church organist Gerre Hancock (b. 1934). On mastering his instrument: "Coordination is key. But so are earplugs." #
  • Good use of "also": "[T]hey found a computer monitor and 2 video surveillance cameras. They also located a large amount of methamphetamine." #
  • Dean Westerfield posted a comic of his I edited back in 1997, about a concert from five years earlier: #
  • Already 7 @mapmap remixes at, all sharing the same 10 core audio samples, and we're barely a day in. #
  • Senior citizen who complained loudly in cafe about loud babies now on cellphone. Prediction: Will criticize loud typing. #
  • Senior citizen complaining loudly in cafe about how loud babies can be. #
  • Love that this site sells the 97 super-brief tracks of Aidan Baker's The Spectrum of Distraction album for $.09 each: #
  • Mailman back online. First email newsletter of 2012 sent out. If you thought you should get it and didn't, lemme know. #
  • The sampled speaks. RT @mapmap: @stringbot @disquiet do it!!! You have my blessing ;) #
  • Tear the roof off. RT @stringbot: Who thinks I should drop some bass in this weekend's @disquiet track? #
  • Good redundancy: multiple data backups. Bad redundancy: being told a site is inaccessible due to a "degradation of service." #
  • Politics damages music. Exhibit A: Diego Bernal has released no music since election to San Antonio City Council. Our loss, his city's gain. #
  • RIP, Clare Fischer (b. 1928), who did arrangements for Prince, Sérgio Mendes, João Gilberto, and others. #pensativa #
  • We've got fog horns, on a sunny day. #
  • Nice! Ice! RT @mrgavinedwards: I'm not tailoring my photo selection for @disquiet. It just feels that way: #
  • Most obnoxious headline of the day goes to @artinfodotcom: "Lou Reed Tries to Pass Off Failed Album as Art": #
  • There's only one netlabel geocoded as Chinese (+ 2 Taiwan, 1 Hong Kong) in catalog at @dpnem's How is this possible? #
  • Already two entries in @mapmap remix Disquiet Junto project, one each from @webbedhand & @markrushtoncom: #
  • Apparently I was either the 999th or 1000th person to "like" restingbell dot net on Facebook. Eagerly awaiting its first release of 2012. #
  • They have proven to be a renewable resource. RT @aoscrowley: @disquiet Heard the fog horns today. The #conspiracy must have failed. #
  • The 4th Disquiet Junto project is a remix of a track off the new album by @mapmap, aka Marcus Fischer: #
  • Next Disquiet Junto project to be announced momentarily. #
  • #overheard #macworld #iworld "I've never been convinced people are married to their media player." #
  • May need to join Habanero Anonyous. #
  • Noon bells seem to fade into the fog as they decay. #
  • Hoping to make the Andrea Williams / Jen Boyd show tonight at Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco: 8pm, 1007 Market. #
  • Being followed by lots of bots that have yet to tweet: PTSD flashbacks to the CGI droid army assembling in Phantom Menace. #
  • Increasingly convinced this year's Oscar nominations for best score are a retrograde corrective to last year's Reznor/Ross win. #
  • The one good thing about all the PR-spam I get is that it suggests there, somewhere, is an idiot-proof alternative to Mailman. #
  • I'll go with "unfortunate" + "looking for inexpensive alternative." RT @GlennF: @disquiet It's mailman. That's not weird at all. #
  • Ready to send first email newsletter of the year but my Mailman install isn't working. Weird. #gnu #sad #
  • There's an email announcement list for Disquiet Junto; let me know if you want on. Also look to Info tab on Soundcloud page. Cc @dtauvdiodr in reply to dtauvdiodr #
  • OK, about 24 hours until announcement of next Disquiet Junto project: a remix based on a set of shared samples. #
  • All but 4 Instagr/am/bient tracks at over 400 @soundcloud listens. Top one over 4,000. #instagram #crazy #
  • Thanks for reviving Kikapu, one of the earliest netlabels. RT @emarg0ed: @disquiet hey thanks for the plug on disquiet. #
  • I'll collect these in a post shortly. RT @robotdancerobot: process post about making of piece for @disquiet junto 3: #
  • Jan 25 = Instagr/am/bient Track 25 = Christopher Olson's rendition of an @instagram by @ooray: #
  • Belated: Jan 24 = Instagr/am/bient Track 24 = @naotko's rendition of an @instagram by Christopher Olson #
  • There should be a movie that's just Gary Oldman and Ewan McGregor doing Alec Guinness impressions. #
  • 32 tracks in Junto project 3. Project 4 TBA Thursday. It's a remix affair with lovely source material: #
  • Advice from coffee bean exporters to ambient/drone musicians. #
  • A well-loved keyboard. #
  • Great. Such constraints are what the Junto is all about. RT @nofi: @disquiet Glad I could this week. I'm enjoying the creative constraints. #
  • Deleted 2 tracks that appeared on Disquiet Junto @soundcloud page. Why would someone associate tracks that have nothing to do with a group? #
  • Are the Oscar nominees for best score a reaction to last year's win for Reznor/Ross. I mean, two John Williams nominations? #
  • Next one's 8 letters. RT @subnaughtsounds: just noticed the name of each @disquiet junto project is one letter longer than the one before :) #
  • I worried first "live" Junto would fall on its face but with hours to go there are 30 (!) "expanded glass harp" pieces: #
  • RIP, Siri's grandfather, aka Dick Tufeld (b. 1926), aka the robot's voice on Lost in Space. #
  • 26 tracks in latest Junto. 3 new ones from @ambienteer (Guildford, Surrey) @oootini (Dublin) @jonautry (Brooklyn): #
  • Jan 23 = Instagr/am/bient Track 23 = XYZR_KX's take on an @instagram by @earsmack: #
  • Firecrackers rattle and resound on the way to Sichuan lunch. #
  • Tremendous. RT @falsereactions: Wow. My contribution to the 'Instagr/am/bient' comp broke 1,000 plays: #
  • 2 more "expanded glass harp" works: @markrushton (Iowa City) & Junto first-timer @ElstPizarro (Paris): #
  • Jan 22 = Instagr/am/bient Track 22 = @_muncky's take on an @instagram by @pheezy: #
  • Full day still to go, and there are 20 live "expanded glass harp" recordings at Latest from @hecanjog #
  • RIP, experimental filmmaker Robert Nelson (b. 1930): #
  • Sound-related terms learned recently from other fields: "first crack" (coffee-roasting stage); "base/heart/top notes" (perfumery elements). #
  • Oh, that's what that is. @otologist: My entry to the latest @disquiet missive, using a snifter filled with satan juice. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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