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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • I like that my local movie theater is three years older than the Academy Awards: #
  • It is an 88 bpm afternoon. #
  • We have our 100th contributor. Welcome. RT @mGeeInThePlace: My first #musicmonday release in a while. Check it out now #
  • San Francisco reminder. If you live here, or visit, and like outward bound music, this is your social calendar: #
  • Wondering how things would have worked out differently had it been called CUF music instead of IDM. #ClubUnFriendly #
  • It is very Instagram out. I will need to use my umbrella filter when it’s lunch time. #
  • Already one track in 6th Disquiet Junto, making music from antique Edison cylinders: Join/info: #
  • The 6th weekly Disquiet Junto project begins: create something new from samples of antique Edison cylinder recordings: #
  • Just a reminder: if you do the Facebook, there’s a Disquiet-dot-com page for that: #
  • Next Disquiet Junto project announced in a few minutes. We’re working from semi-ancient audio this time around. #
  • Enthused that @demilit took a moment off from his assault on Ender’s DARPA to share affection for Amon Tobin. #
  • Distant police siren on a sunny day. #
  • In a word, yow. This Amon Tobin box set looks pretty amazing: #
  • I love my neighborhood. RT @richmondsfblog: Richmond District has 6 of 10 spots on SFWeekly top dim sum list, incl. #1 #
  • Thanks! RT @iamseams: Had a great chat with @disquiet about music, noise, the Internet and @SoundCloud, for a podcast. Now, on to the edit! #
  • #dronelife RT @cjherbert Listening on headphones: “that sounds great” only to discover it was muffled washing machine in background #
  • Thunderbird is getting all crashy again in OS X Lion. #
  • Being surrounded by orthopedist-convention attendees in downtown SF is like being in a short story David Foster Wallace never got to write. #
  • Final plans being set for 6th Disquiet Junto, TBA late in the day Thursday. Project almost certainly involves a shared sample. #
  • Haunted by the image of a tombstone on which it reads, simply, “Commented on his own photo.” #
  • The RIAA OpEd at reads like the sort of thing an editor doesn’t edit to let its author have all the rope in the world. #
  • And then, in closing, it demeans “rhetoric.” What is an OpEd other than an exercise in rhetoric? #
  • It says that if the government censors something it by definition isn’t censorship. #
  • It tries to conflate a search engine and an encyclopedia with an Internet service provider. #
  • Peculiarly weak, and belated, OpEd from RIAA to SOPA/PIPA fail: #
  • Street sounds. #415 #
  • Sutro Tower: monument to context. I wouldn’t support its construction if it didn’t exist but now would protest its destruction. #
  • I admire and use BART, but it does sound like we hear the damned screaming in otherworldly torment from below. #
  • Walter Isaacson likes lists even more than Don DeLillo does. #
  • Night sounds: refrigerator, passing cars. #
  • The video bonus entries in this week’s Junto have been great. I will collate them in a post in the next day or so. #
  • About 6 hours left in 5th Junto and we welcome contributor 99: Kate Carr of @flamingpines. Hear her “Desktop Beat Box” #
  • Yeah, indoor/night/dark I’m good at. Daytime/outdoors, considerably less so. RT @carlstone: @disquiet But have you been to the Audium yet? #
  • Moved to Northern California from Brooklyn in 1989, and I finally get to the SF Wave Organ: #
  • When doing a Junto project on “layering reality,” it doesn’t hurt to have the CCO of @rjdj (aka @dizzybanjo) join in: #
  • The one good thing about Virgin’s hold music is it makes me feel like I’m already in Miami. #
  • Church bells briefly convince me it’s an hour and thirty five minutes later than it actually is. #
  • Woke to 4 “layered reality” Junto MP3s (19 total). Enjoyable to read a track’s info for what’s “nature” vs. “layered”: #
  • Intense drone from soda fridge at cafe definitely makes the fusoid jazz not only more palatable but almost interesting. #almost #
  • [email protected] Modern pop music is as airbrushed as modern advertising. Some artists make creative use of the airbrush but it’s still an airbrush. in reply to GlennF #
  • So artists have plausible denial to mask inabilities. RT @GlennF: Why does SNL have such terrible, miking/monitoring for singers/bands? #
  • Crown Point Press has an exhibit of John Cage etchings up through March 31: #415 #
  • Disquiet Junto now 1 shy of 200th track and 10 shy of 100th actively contributing member, all in less than 1 month: #
  • Generally disdain ringtones, but that brass band just now was a fun surprise. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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