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Just a minor announcement. Comments on this site no longer require approval by the moderator.

You enter your comment and hit “Post Comment” and that’s it. Well, that’s not quite it. There is a little arithmetic question you’ll need to answer. That’s one of at least three layers of spam protection. The other two layers are automated. Such is life on the Internet.

The moderation of comments on this site never had anything to do with concern about the content of those comments. It was entirely related to an absurd amount of spam that hammers the site, but that — thanks to the efforts of the fine firm — has been brought under control.

Of course, if a comment is deemed inappropriate, it will be deleted. What is inappropriate? Things that are racist, sexist, or otherwise defamatory or offensive, or that are ridiculously and willfully off-topic — or, of course, actual spam. Please don’t be aggressively antagonistic: discussion is welcome; fighting is not. Also to be deleted: self-promoting comments that are really just generic links elsewhere. (If you want your release or project considered for review or other coverage, please read this: “Submission Guidelines.”)

The staggered virtual conversation with readers has been a great thing, and the fact that it can now occur in something more closely approximating real time makes me hopeful for even better ongoing discussion.

One thought on “Comments: Open Discussion

  1. I am an artist and I am just trying to submit my music for review. I have 4 singles out but need to market more. Ive worked with JJ Flores SteveSmooth BadBoyBill Kalndr and Inifiniti Birch just to name a few. I know you would rather listen than to respond but JJ and I are looking to market and push the latest two singles. Any direction will be greatly appreciated. I will send a link as requested per your homepage for the zip file

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