New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • December and January are the only two months of the year when no one sends out emails about what they (1) are going to do / (2) did at SXSW. #
  • Dear Hive: Any good simple OS X database applications? Bento’ been getting less-than-stellar reviews. (Trying to track Junto participation.) #
  • “The faintest sound, whatever it is, / Seems to be speaking to me.” -Fernando Pessoa #
  • “If I could only wrest from music the secret / Timbre of its shout” -Fernando Pessoa #
  • Was not aware there would be Amon Tobin in Pina until I was watching it. #
  • 20 tracks in Junto 7 in under 24 hours on @soundcloud. Lesson: narrower the rules, more varied the approaches. #oulipo #
  • Kudos to Dave Grohl for clarifying his Grammy spiel: “Electronic or acoustic, it doesn’t matter to me.” And long live two-inch tape. #
  • Seeing Pina today. #
  • Carving the sound of water: Already 14 tracks, including 2 first-timers’, in new Junto. They can only remove, not add: #
  • New bio sentence: “He lives in San Francisco in a neighborhood whose soundmarks include persistent seasonal fog horns from the nearby bay.” #
  • Something up, which to say down, with @SoundCloud at the moment. #
  • Discussion: what is/isn’t “removing” sound in sculptural synthesis: “minute particles … added to a marble sculpture: #
  • The 7th Disquiet Junto’s theme is “Subtraction and Sculpting.” Details here: Deadline: midnight, Feb 20. #
  • The next Disquiet Junto project (disquiet0007-subtract) will be announced momentarily. #
  • RT @thejorgecolombo: My 2009 exhibition, based on Fernando Pessoa poems, inspired a music project, LX(RMX) ( #
  • This week’s Disquiet Junto project will involve subtracting (rather than adding or otherwise altering) pre-existing sound. #
  • OK, the math-test for comments is now functioning again at Disquiet dot com. Once again, 3 + 8 = 11, etc. #relief #
  • Arithmetic-test comment-spam blocker currently malfunctioning on Back up (or turned off) shortly. #
  • Talked with @christofmigone yesterday about science-fiction skies, sound art for the deaf, and blurring lines between curation and creation. #
  • Guy in library rapaciously ripping opera CDs. (Not me.) #
  • Most valuable IM abbreviation: WTAHK (wasn’t typing; accidentally hit keyboard). #
  • The gap after a call unexpectedly ends due to technical reasons, and the two participants second guess each other as to who will call back. #
  • “A Working Plain”by Y?Arcka is my new jam. ♫”¦ #thisismyjam #
  • First time in two years I’m not consumed by a music-commissioning project. Will act soon on several ideas. Right now? Enjoying clean slate. #
  • Up in Sonoma for the day. Didn’t feel the earthquake a minute ago, just north of Point Reyes: #
  • Confront “game-cloning” by using another term: game-laming, game-flailing, game-weaky. “Company Z has a department focused on game-weaky.” #
  • Between @freemusicarchiv & @soundcloud, LX(RMX) Fernando Pessoa project had 1,200+ listens & 300+ downloads in 1st 24 hours. #
  • RT @mmaddencomics: Sometimes I think I like TV sci-fi just because I’m addicted to the lulling, humming background noise onboard spaceships. #
  • It’s a good thing most political blogs don’t acknowledge they are acts of speculative fiction, because it would sully the term. #
  • Major thanks to @boondesign for continued design excellence, most recently for LX(RMX), photographs by @thejorgecolombo #
  • Interview with @sunhammer at @percussionlab ( mentions Junto: “pushing my boundaries every week”; “huge creative spark” #
  • If you want to be on the weekly email list for Disquiet Junto project announcements, pass me your address. Next one goes out in 24 hours. #
  • Thank you! RT @mariplasma: Audio homage to Fernando Pessoa I contributed to thanks for the inspiring project @disquiet #
  • Noon bells filtered through layers of buildings and bodies and sound and action. #
  • Man, first time at my local dim sum place when school was out for lunch. That was out of control, and a lot of fun. #
  • Useful addendum to my @theatlantic piece. RT @osxdaily: Set the Volume Level to a Hidden Ultra Low Setting in Mac OS X: #
  • Indeed, to have one’s career become synonymous with a virtual stickpin. RT @demilit: @disquiet imagine how pissed curators are. in reply to demilit #
  • The set of remixed field recordings I commissioned in tribute to Fernando Pessoa’s many personalities: #
  • I generally don’t say “curate” because the word now just means “stuff I found.” #
  • “radiohead quietstorm”: put @diplo‘s 2-word summary of his @UsherRaymondIV track in the next Year’s Best Music Writing: #
  • I last interviewed Markus Popp (aka Oval) in 1996. Just this morning finally interviewed him for a second time. #
  • RIP, jazz pianist Jodie Christian (b. 1932), a cofounder of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). #
  • Amazing year already for many reasons, and I still can’t believe Instagr/am/bient’s opening track has been listened to over 4,500 times. #
  • Focusing on Junto 7. Do we make physical instruments, salvage archival material, remix existing tracks, play with found sound? TBA Thursday. #
  • In which 8 (or 16?) musicians remix the sounds of Lisbon, inspired by Fernando Pessoa & @thejorgecolombo: #
  • A long time coming. Finally releasing large-scale music set inspired by Fernando Pessoa, whose Book of Disquiet gave my site its name. #
  • Uploading tracks to @freemusicarchiv for the first time. #
  • New Disquiet commission project LX(RMX): #soon #lisbon #pessoa #sonic #geography #identity #ambient #photography #desassossego #
  • Tuesday noon siren seemed oddly serrated today. #
  • A weird number of font people are RTing me today, so I will take the opportunity to express my writerly affection for Menlo and Consolas. #
  • Ghost-production #protip courtesy of: RT @whyarcka: “produced by” and “beat by” will help to determine whether the producer was there or not #
  • infilldelity (n): Adding unnecessary features to software. Cluttering under the guise of improving. #
  • Does GamaDaily set a time for its daily email, or does someone just wait until a couple minutes after the IndustryGamers email goes out? #
  • The new Twitter is a fascinating example of making something complicated out of something simple. #
  • There should be a @thisismyjam for the name of imaginary band in which you’re currently a member. Mine now: Burrito Stump. #
  • Edith Eisler, my friend, died last July. She’d have turned 87 today. I wrote this when she passed: #
  • Congrats/thanks to contributors to Junto 6 (now over) in which they remixed Edison cylinders: 56 tracks, 14 1st-timers: #
  • Goodnight, noises everywhere. #
  • Home/Connect/Discover: Noun/Verb/Verb. Connect = people already connected to? Discover = things not interested in? I don’t grok new Twitter. #
  • Wonderful if it is. RT @stevesilberman: Fellow #SF dwellers: I hope this is true! [via @clarajeffery] #
  • Disquiet Junto is 2 tracks from 300th in its 1st 6 weeks of existence. Thanks to all involved: musicians, listeners, and musician-listeners. #
  • Noon bell hits like a hammer on an anvil. #
  • Going to publish weekly Junto projects in multiple languages. French & Spanish translators volunteered. Lemme know if you’re up to help. #
  • Still half a day to go and there are almost 50 entries, including those of 14 1st-timers, in the Edison-cylinder Junto: #
  • Thanks to Junto 1st-timer: RT @iamseams: really enjoyed making my entry; you were right, very freeing! Fastest start to online satisfaction. #
  • Thinking about posting Junto projects in multiple languages. If you’re multi-lingual & can commit to pitching in, lemme know. #
  • Dave Grohl’s Grammy spiel, condensed. RT @GlennF: @disquiet FUTURE HAS ARRIVED AND I’M LIVING IN A FAKE VERSION OF THE PAST. #
  • Got home to 35 tracks now in the ongoing Junto, including ones from 11 first-time contributors: #
  • Loved seeing opposed responses to Grohl’s rockist/technophobic Grammy comment appear in a row from @compactrobot and @kozinn. #
  • HUD premonition: Took off my glasses before taking shower and briefly wondered, “Where again do I plug in these to recharge?” #
  • Overwhelming need to listen to Ginger Baker’s Horses and Trees. #
  • The Grey is pretty good. But to say its ending is undermined by the film’s trailer is an understatement. #
  • Indeed, it’s twice the speed of what I usually listen to. RT @dudestache 2bpm can make such a big difference in vibe. (via @detxl) #
  • I miss missing my Nintendo DS. #
  • Great to just pull up @stonesthrow Beat Battle page on @soundcloud and let variations on a beat play one after another: #

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