New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • The SSD fridge: (courtesy of @debcha) #
  • New generative sound app/project from @earslap, creator of Otomata: It’s called Circuli. #
  • “SSD fridge” pluses/minuses. RT @atlastop: @disquiet what really fast at freezing things, but never enough space to fit all your stuff? #
  • René Margraff replied to my SSD/fridge comment: “Do you really want a fridge with very little storage space for a high price?” #
  • Wondering if someone would, please, release the SSD equivalent of a refrigerator. #
  • Quak channels Reich’s “It’s Gonna Rain” & Hopper takes “breathless” approach to Junto 8 (Benjamin Franklin remix): #
  • 7 sentences from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography have been chopped and screwed so far in the 8th Disquiet Junto: #
  • Cannot remember the last time I typed www. #
  • Thinking about catching DJ Krush tomorrow in San Francisco. Been awhile. #
  • 8th Disquiet Junto project description now up at #voice #spoken #sample #publicdomain #benjaminfranklin #autobiography #
  • I did send the Junto project to the email announcement list. I’ll add it to the Junto Soundcloud page as soon as the site is functional. #
  • I wanna post the new Disquiet Junto project, which involves a sample of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, but @SoundCloud is having trouble #
  • Junto 8 project coming momentarily. #
  • Dinner and Ben Katchor event with Paul Socolow and visitor Bart Beaty, talking about @christianbok. #
  • The jazz stereo and the dish-washing in the cafe at @SFMOMA are set at equal volumes. #
  • You know it’s a productive day when you get a lot done before the IndustryGamers email shows up. #
  • RJDJ should be built into the new Google Glasses. #
  • 8th Junto announced later today. Project due Monday 11:59pm. Subject: human voice. Lemme know if you want on email list. #
  • Nice mention from @cdmblogs: Ambient Listening: Cory Allen + Marcus Fischer track congruities in two gorgeous tracks: #
  • RIP, Barney Rosset (b. 1922) whose Grove published Lady Chatterley, Naked Lunch; passed on Lord of the Rings (“couldn’t understand a word”). #
  • RIP, singer Kay Davis (b. 1920), human theremin of Duke Ellington orchestra. Hear their “Transblucency”: #
  • RIP, Billy Strange (b. 1930), co-writer of “A Little Less Conversation,” guitarist on the Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B.” #
  • “For me no flowers can match the endlessly varied colors of Lisbon in the sunlight.” -Fernando Pessoa. And its sounds: #
  • Does @bandcamp not have a mobile-optimized website? #
  • PS: A bit more than the allotted 222 words on @mapmap & @quietdesign‘s birthday single here: #
  • Talented singer @JaschaHoffman has made his new album free for limited time: I helped with remixes, more on which soon. #
  • Happy birthday, @mapmap & @quietdesign. On 2/22 give each $1.11 for their single: (I wrote its 222-word liner note.) #
  • My sunglasses don’t play well with bus-shelter flat-screen ad billboards. #theylive #
  • Did the second half of interview with Markus (Oval) Popp this morning. Good conversation. Skype is a useful thing. #
  • The 8th Disquiet Junto, which begins this Thursday, Feb 23, will involve the human voice. #
  • Permanently disabled caps lock. A personal milestone. #
  • Noon bells dissolve into the hum of the refrigerator. #
  • I missed that this is out. My interview with Punjabi rapper @iambohemia is in Feb/Mar issue of @SactownMagazine (print only). #
  • Over 70 participants in recent Disquiet Junto music-making project. Reminder: send me your email to receive new-project alert on Thursdays. #
  • Fitting that @codeacademy email reminders of next chapter arrive just as Junto projects hit deadline. Digital karma cron job. #
  • First Junto to break 60 contributors: About 8 hours to go before deadline. #
  • Happy Presidents Day. Here’s the (mostly) instrumental of DJ Ski’s production of a Jay-Z standard: #
  • RIP, Steve Kordek, 100-year-old innovator of pinball machines: 1st 2-flipper game, 1st drop targets, 1st multi-ball play. Via @VendingTimes #
  • … alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car alarm. Car … #
  • LX(RMX): Lisbon Remixed at 1595 listens, 380 downloads in under a week: #pessoa #phonography #desassossego #
  • Woulda said this is my new jam, but that means something else now. So, this is my new hang: @iolian. More info soon. #
  • That previous tweet is from @robotdancerobot‘s blog post about the “Layering Reality” Junto project: #
  • “Having these projects led to thinking about process and workflow and goals in a way that fiddling around with gear previously never did.” #
  • Intended go live with Twitter account for another project. But Twitter won’t let me turn off “Protect my Tweets” setting. So maybe tomorrow. #
  • Completed writing my foreword to the catalog for @johnkannenberg‘s forthcoming exhibit, Hours of Infinity in Ann Arbor: #
  • RIP, game concept artist Adam Adamowicz (Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim): I had no idea he was from my hometown. #
  • 45 musicians participated in Junto 7 (carving a recording of waves in Danish fjord) in just over 48 hours #
  • I think Chronicle is my favorite superhero movie since Unbreakable. #
  • Exclamation points are writing’s car alarms. #
  • Subsidiary clauses set apart by em-dashes are writing’s scenic vistas. #
  • Parentheticals are writing’s speed bumps. #
  • “Mute, because overheard.” -Fernando Pessoa #
  • Software Physician’s Desk Reference says: “SSD: psychoacoustic disorder experienced as exaggerated annoyance at other people’s hard drives.” #
  • Today’s plan: get a lot of stuff done, see Chronicle, get a lot of stuff done. #
  • I thought Junto 7 to be the most exacting. Turns out it’s the fastest growing yet. In next week or so will be an even more controlled one. #
  • It’s only Saturday and we’re one shy of forty Junto entries for project 7 (sonic sculpting): #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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