New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • Video of my introductory statement at the 4/19 Chicago Disquiet Junto Enemy group concert: #
  • Funny: The sound of a raging Dyson hand dryer from the bathroom of a small quiet cafe. #
  • Many thanks to @peterkirn for this thoughtful overview of Disquiet Junto, LX(RMX), & Instragr/am/mbient: #
  • More on this when time frees up, but I have a piece on San Francisco’s sonic-arts infrastructure at @artpractical: #
  • The 16th Disquiet Junto project is at Due Monday, April 23, at 11:59pm wherever you are. #
  • RIP, graphic designer David Hillman Curtis (b. 1961), who directed Ride, Rise, Roar film about the Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno Tour. #
  • Belated RIP, Dick Clark (b. 1929), eternal teenager, and the Band’s Levon Helm (b. 1940), who always seemed old beyond his years. #
  • Disquiet Junto 16: Make a new track from samples of dice and sandpaper; use one as background, the other as foreground: #
  • So, er, tonight’s show went later than expected. The 16th Disquiet Junto project will go out shortly. Theme: “Background & Foreground.” #
  • Back at the hotel thanks to a ride from @xyzr_kx. Many thanks to @cranksatori & Enemy for hosting the Disquiet Junto concert. #
  • Tonight’s Junto show has had 4 Jasons and 3 OP-1s. #
  • Second set (three acts) of Disquiet Junto live at Enemy in Chicago about to begin at #
  • Image from first piece, now moving to guitar. RT @colepierce: @cinchel @disquiet junto #
  • The Disquiet Junto concert (7 musicians playing expanded works for glass harmonica) is streaming live from Enemy in Chicago on #
  • Noise-cancellation speaker system at Enemy in Chicago. #
  • Nice surprise: Michael Esposito, whose EVP work I’ve enjoyed, is joining Jason Soliday’s set at the Disquiet Junto show in Chicago tonight. #
  • Great afternoon at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago: Marclay, Clark, Creed, Ahearn, Kruger, more. #
  • 5.5 hours until the live Disquiet Junto show at Enemy in Chicago (9pm Central), also to stream at #
  • Waking up in Chicago. My cell phone, with its central-time NOLA area code, must feel more at home than in San Francisco. #
  • 24 hours from now we’ll be in the middle of the Disquiet Junto concert at Enemy in Chicago. #
  • Hotel HVAC in Evanston isn’t too overbearing. Less space station, more Biosphere. #
  • Twitter is doing crazy things with my DMs. Ones from the past keep popping up as new. Cc @Support #
  • Landed in Chicago. #
  • I interviewed Morton Subotnick in advance of his @communikey event: (#shoutout: @ethanhein) #
  • Country music on the radio in a ramen restaurant (in Santa Clara). #
  • Man, I am so excited about this Chicago Disquiet Junto show: Thursday can’t arrive quickly enough. #
  • Presentation by @voxeet on conference calls @demo. Smart. VU meters & freeform 3D-audio placement distinguish who’s talking. #
  • Most interesting thing on the radio while driving south on 101 was the scan button. #
  • RT @xyzr_kx playing noise show Thursday w/ @disquiet Junto. don’t expect singing…or notes. well there might be notes #
  • “Rendition” sounds clandestine. “Portal” makes me think of a video game. What word will I lose next to a reference? #
  • Everything I know about parenting I learned from the “Splicers” episode of Batman Beyond. #
  • 28th entry in 15th Junto (depicting RGB interactions in sound) is by 1st-time participant @joshcarr: #
  • Anyone else going to @demo tomorrow? Anything in particular I should check out? #
  • I wrote on @SoundCloud -> @aworks commented about fluidity in listening habits -> people argue about audio formats #oy #
  • So far, my experience of the Jambox is only confirming my sense that Bluetooth is the fax of the digital era. #
  • Eager for Jonathan Lethem’s Fear of Music book from 33 1/3. His They Live fan-notes book was stellar. #
  • Excited to head to Chicago for a few days. If anything’s going on I shouldn’t miss (sound-wise/gallery-wise) lemme know. #
  • If you’re in Chicago Thursday, come hear/see Disquiet Junto live: #
  • Thanks, @aworks, for weighing in on my @newmusicbox @soundcloud piece, in regard to the slow march of music formats: #
  • Images of @salvagione book(let) (Element) due from new @boondesign venture (Extracurricular Press) with an essay by me #
  • Street sounds, Golden Gate Park: #
  • Woke to, now, 19 renditions of the color-theory Junto sound project: #
  • 13 different — very different — Junto responses thus far to interpreting color as sound: #rgb #
  • Updated work I dod for @salvagione with better photos: #
  • Cafe radio is channeling my college years: first Violent Femmes, now R.E.M. Guessing there will be no Metallica, John Zorn, or Cecil Taylor. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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