808 Heartbreak (MP3)

Experiments in just intonation and stochastic composition

Subnaught‘s “Septimal (808 Heartbreak)” is nearly 16 minutes long, collecting a series of what the musician describes as “experiments with just intonation and stochastic composition.” Those are two favorite alternative schemas of exploratory composers. The former is in contrast with the equal temperament that is the grounding of most Western music, and the latter is an embrace of chance occurrences. In combination they work to provide a dually disorienting listening experience, lacking the chordal reference points and metric milestones generally provided by Western music. Still, “Septimal” by no means goes suddenly off the tracks. It employs its variant source approaches with delicacy and restraint.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/subnaught. More on Subnaught at subnaught.org.

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