Rumble and Whine (MP3)

Cosmology Device fiddles with the Tyrell Nexus 6

Cosmology Device is a musician of indeterminate geographic origin, based online at and with just two tracks to its (his? her?) credit, along with no outbound referential links to, say, Twitter or to a proper home page. The second of those two tracks, posted a few days ago, takes its name from the software that it employs, a synthesizer that takes its name from Blade Runner. The track and the software are named “TyrellN6,” short for Nexus 6. One could ponder the software synthesizer as a kind of sonic replicant. Or one could just get lost in the industrial whir of Cosmology Device’s music. Here the Tyrell Nexus 6, one of whose screens is replicated above, is employed to produce an admirably churning mix of rumble and whine.

Track originally posted at More on the software, which is free and which came out of a community-based collective effort, at (albeit in German),, and There’s a multi-part tutorial on

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