Digital Scissors (MP3)

Little slivers of words caught between rhythmic blades

The metric security of much electronic dance music can feel rote — no less rote than a drone or a guitar solo, but rote in its own way. Creative deployment of its rhythmic elements requires thoughtful attention to what those beats suggest, how they are frequently taken for granted, and the interpretive and compositional suggestions that they might provide. In the hands of Humeka, the snip and snap of digital beats take on the effect of a pair of slicing scissors. In “Non Organic,” spoken text is cut, pasted, heard in snippets, and layered incidentally. The words aren’t layered atop the instrumentation, at least not at first. Instead, they appear in minute segments aligned with or awkwardly adjacent to the beats: little slivers caught between blades.

Track originally posted at It’s part of the third Dance Upon a Time collection from the Miniatura netlabel. The full album is available for download at More on the label at

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