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Pondering an addition to this website – input from readers appreciated.

I just sent out an email to this website’s newsletter list. It was an interim newsletter, mostly serving as a request for input from readers:

I’m thinking about adding a discussion forum to, and was wondering if, as a reader of the site, you might find such a thing of interest.

That wasn’t phrased as a question, but please imagine that it had been and, if you have a chance, please reply with your thoughts. I’d greatly appreciate the input.

What’s led me to think that a discussion forum housed on might have a solid base of informed and inquisitive participants is the range and quality of discussion in various related places, such as on the Discussion tab at the Disquiet Junto group on SoundCloud, and on Facebook and via Twitter, as well as in the comments on I feel like there’s an opportunity to host discussions about sound, art, music, technology, creativity, and related subjects. I think I’d revive the “MP3 Discussion Group,” and add a semi-regular book discussion, perhaps film as well. If this appeals to you, please let me know. (And if you think it’s a less than stellar idea, please tell me why, if you have a chance.) And no matter your expressed perspective you’re under no obligation to participate, should I go ahead and launch it. There are numerous forums associated with music-making gadgetry, and with record labels, but a place focused on listening and composition might have some promise.

If you have thoughts on the subject, shoot me an email (at [email protected]), or reply in the comments section to this post. Thanks.

That logo at the top of this post is for the service that hosts the email newsletter, which you can subscribe to at, or from the form that appears in the left-hand column of just about every page on this website. Previously the list was hosted on the archaic Mailman service, which was inelegant, and before that it was just me putting a lot of email address into the Bcc line of an email, which was several leagues below inelegant.

One thought on “Newsletter Update + Discussion Forum

  1. I’d be inclined to post on a forum here. I think there’s been enough discussion in the orbit of this site to warrant it, and certainly some of the Junto discussions have been interesting.

    If you do set one up, my only request is to avoid many subdivisions to start. As it grows, it may become necessary, but a lot of forums get carried away with it, results in confusion or niche ghettos.

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