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Finding the music in a vinyl record's locked groove

The Internet giveth, and the Internet giveth. Yesterday I made note of a nicely recorded loop of a vinyl album’s locked groove, made by John Dombroski, who — in the process of archiving the 50 or so repeats of the skip as the needle passed over the same spot — noted that remixes of the audio would be appreciated. Shortly thereafter, Larry Johnson did just that. Interestingly, Johnson focused not on the skip so much as on the reveal, at the end of Dombroski’s track, when the music from the album suddenly flourishes, like it’s come out of hiding. In the original version, the music is a bit like a glass of cold water after a trek across the desert; it happens at the very end. In Johnson’s, the reveal happens repeatedly, in a more subdued manner, and out of a drowsy miasma that’s a deep filtering of the original recording’s beat. Here, Johnson has reversed the original, making the occasional reappearance of the musical material the track’s internal metronome.

Track originally posted for free download at More on the source track: “Repetition Is a Forum for Change.”

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