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  • Dear Mountain Lion Hive, How do I stop TextEdit from having iCloud as the default save-to location? #osx #hassle #
  • Dear media theoretician who fears the Internet’s power to filter things that run counter to an individual’s worldview: Explain the Olympics. #
  • Already 5 fine tracks making music from perceived silence. This set will collate new tracks as they arrive: #
  • Unintentionally surreal PR of the day: getting Jay and Silent Bob pitch from a email address. #
  • A PR person who queries me regularly has a unique message-count approach: adding an exclamation point to the subject line with each inquiry. #
  • View out window somewhat spoiled by sense of being viewed. #
  • Rules for 30th @djunto project, inspired by John Cage’s concept of silence, live at + #
  • One of the largest record companies on the planet sends out automated PR where track numbers routinely appear: 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, 5 … #
  • OK, the revised meaning of “audiophile” is on hold until @p_cers obtains his $1,000 speaker cables. Then all bets are off. in reply to p_cers #
  • People who are concerned with the culture of audio need to reclaim “audiophile” from conspicuous consumers. #
  • “No guns. No killing.” Enjoyed the new Batman very much. #
  • Got an email from @aQuariusrecOrds. Briefly assumed it must be Friday evening. in reply to aQuariusrecOrds #
  • Three o’clock bell in Chinatown. #
  • Mountain Lion: 2 hours to download, 20 minutes to install, then a 2-minute Java upgrade, and it’s (apparently) all set. #
  • Both these pages have details on the August 19 Disquiet Junto concert in Denver, CO: #
  • This sample may be of use for Thursday’s Junto project, FYI. RT: @ethanhein Locked vinyl groove for remixing? Game on. #
  • Would probably be happy if OS X Lion just cleaned up the Desktop Spaces UX and got rid of that galaxy background image. #
  • The excellent LA performance organization the wulf. is fundraising: #
  • Wrote the Nature story on Syfy’s Alphas and didn’t even know about the Tuvan throat singing assassin or Rachel’s sonic claustrophobia. Cool. #
  • For fans of the TV series Alphas, whose second season starts tonight: my interview with its showrunner is in the current issue of Nature. #
  • Nearing 30 tracks in the @greatdismal-themed 29th Disquiet Junto project, running water as “one of the oldest songs”: #
  • Man, the Margin Call score and sound design are splendid, especially when they meet up. #
  • Fences make good neighbors because the process of dealing with fence repair provides the opportunity to introduce yourself to your neighbors #
  • This set is collating all the @djunto music tracks in the current, @GreatDismal-themed project: #
  • Fog horns this morning suggest somewhere a Wookie is getting a medal. #

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