Disquiet.com @ SoundWalk.org (Saturday, September 1)

Panel discussion: "Performed Art: The Fluid Roles of Spectator and Artist in Sound Art"

This Saturday, September 1, is the ninth annual SoundWalk festival. It’s to be held in downtown Long Beach, California. As always, works of sound art (somewhere in the range of 40) will be located throughout the area (that would be “the area encompassed by 4th St, Linden Ave, 1st St, and Elm Ave”). The soundwalk.org website lists the following as the participants:

Alan Dunn / Noise 4 (the) Common Man / Alan Nakagawa & Joseph Tepperman / Brien Engel & Douglas Lee / Clowns & Fetuses / CSULB Laptop Ensemble / Dirty Chaps / Eric Strauss / F. Myles Sciotto / Francene Kaplan / Gary Raymond / gintas k / glenn bach / Harrison Adams / Impossible Moon / Inouk Demers / Jordan Hill / Joshua Dickinson & Muhammad Hafiz Wan Rosli / LavishWomb / Marc Weidenbaum / MLuM / Paula Mathusen / Pedestal & the All Girl Band / Philip Stearns / phog masheeen / Roy Anthony Shabla & Nader Ghassemlou / Sander Roscoe Wolff / Seth Shafer / Talking So Much Plastic / Tom Zear / Tom McDermott / wheels / wikiGong
I’ll be moderating a panel at 7pm at the record store Fingerprints (fingerprintsmusic.com), which is located at 420 E. 4th St. The subject is “Performed Art: The Fluid Roles of Spectator and Artist in Sound Art.” We’ll be discussing the concept of “performance” and how it relates to sound art. To take just two examples among many: What makes a concert a work of sound art, and what are the roles of the “audience” and “performer” in installation art? We’ll draw examples from the works at SoundWalk, notably those produced this year by the panelists, among other pieces. The goal is to illuminate telling parallels and resonant dissonances between the various participants’ conception of matters of performance in sound art.

The panelists will include:

Ӣ glenn bach (glennbach.com) Ӣ Inouk Demers (inoukdemers.com) Ӣ Marco Schindelmann (redlands.edu) Ӣ F. Myles Sciotto (socinematic.com)

There’s a PDF listing all the locations, and here is a map of the event:

View SoundWalk 2012 in a larger map.

More details at soundwalk.org and at facebook.com.

3 thoughts on “Disquiet.com @ SoundWalk.org (Saturday, September 1)

  1. Oh man small world! Fingerprints (Rand) was a favorite old haunt of mine and main supplier for my esoteric music CD needs back when I lived in Long Beach. I would love to see him and meet you (last saw Rand when he co-sponsered Brian Eno’s talk after his ’77 Million Paintings’ exhibition/installation) so have to see if I can make it down from the high desert.

    Otherwise, hope it goes great ;-)

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