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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Man, William Basinski live. That was pretty special. Thank you, SFEMF. #
  • Already 8 reworkings of a Bach piece in honor of abstract expressionist Clyfford Still's affection for classical music: #
  • Glenn Gould woulda turned 80 this year. Focusing on the 100th of Cage/Nancarrow, who broke into their pianos, I've neglected the shut-in. #
  • Jeepers hadn't even followed that through. Thanks. MT @subtopes: @disquiet further it's a skill needed only for doing what you're told to do #
  • According to this BART sign, listening is not part of being aware of one's environment. #
  • BART between Powell and 24th is louder than most concerts I attend. #
  • Getting used to the sounds in/of the room where I'll be teaching a weekly class on sound. #
  • Really excited about hearing/seeing William Basinski live tonight at SFEMF — after a heap of tamales. #
  • For @djunto folks, Ramos' narrative is interesting. Note his move away from abstract expressionism via visual sampling: #
  • My lengthy profile of painter Mel Ramos is now up at #
  • My dishwasher is a generative-music genius. Rhythmic, fluid, lush, cantankerous. Genius. #
  • Room 3012 in Sonoma State's library has a plaque thanking Tom & Betty Freeman. Different BF, but I listened to Cage's Freeman Etudes there. #
  • Looks like the new Kindle Fires correct one significant gap from the previous version: they have built-in microphones: #
  • Far too psyched about Looper. #
  • 36th Disquiet Junto project has begun. Explores aesthetic influence via Clyfford Still: + #
  • Chris Duncan LP cover from upcoming sound-in-art show at Sonoma State's art gallery. #
  • Detail of Jack Ox graphic score from upcoming sound-in-art show at Sonoma State's art gallery. #
  • Detail of 1978 John Cage score from upcoming sound-in-art show at Sonoma State's art gallery. #
  • Campus noon carillon can't really compete with neighboring HVAC exhaust. #
  • Interviewing Nils Frahm later today, if anyone has any questions for him. #
  • Yeah, phone as chihuahua. MT @npseaver: @disquiet I hate iPhone’s default (unchangeable) SMS vibrate. Stop growling at me, tiny motors! #
  • Watched/listened as Prius navigated tight parallel parking situation, the only evident sound that of tires squeaking against pavement. #
  • Concept that a phone on "vibrate" isn't "silent" is a factual matter, not a highfalutin reference to oscillations. #library #sms #incessant #
  • Want tesseract rainbow. MT @barrythrew: Aggregate all these pictures and it should be possible to construct a 3d model of the double rainbow #
  • That's what I am getting at. Yeah. A chibi independent, if I may. MT @sethchrisman: 'A simulacrum of "independent."' #
  • Everyone at SFEMF's opening night reception stepped outside to see the double rainbow installation. #
  • Night 1 (of 5) of SFEMF. It's going to be a great festival this year. First stop: gallery opening at Million Fishes. #
  • Thinking my next phone may be a Nokia/Windows (Android now), next tablet an Android (iOS now), and stick with Macbook Air. OS bioversity. #
  • Probably just coincidence but very few musicians I work with or admire embrace the term "indie" despite the vast number being independent. #
  • Driving a car generally exists to refute the received wisdom that 10,000 hours spent doing something makes one an expert. #
  • The intimacy of a chatty PR email asking what's up with life + a "listen to this" link with URL wider than browser to track clickthroughs. #
  • Reminder: this week's @djunto project will be about Clyfford Still, abstract expressionism, and aesthetic influence. #
  • Only time I saw Cage in person was at @bangonacan marathon at @NYSEC in early '90s. He drifted asleep as Margaret Leng Tan played toy piano. #
  • Indeed. Shame's right. MT @compactrobot: Shameful there’s no Google doodle for John Cage 100th birthday. Stare at logo for 4'33" & pretend. #
  • RIP, Emmanuel Nunes (b. 1912), Portuguese composer who studied with Pousseur, Spek, Stockhausen. Solo piano piece: #
  • Nearing-midnight sounds: refrigerator hum, general light electrical whine, less vehicular traffic than usual. #
  • Dug out files in the basement — folders of correspondence with a largely pre-Internet (and now deceased) friend — for an overdue tribute. #
  • In Revolution when Charlie gets her Return of the Jedi lunchbox that's a Star Wars theme in the music, isn't it, making her a female Luke? #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco against the machine-drill whir of neighborhood barbershop. #
  • Weird OS X Mountain Lion issues with Chrome refusing to close and Safari going into CPU overdrive. It's feeling fairly Windows 7 right now. #
  • A house is truly quiet when you're alone in it the day after it had 26 people in it, over a third of them under age 9. #
  • RIP, composer Michael Manion (b. 1952). Here's him writing about Stockhausen: #
  • I like to think I sang my kid to sleep, but the fog horns definitely get credited with an assist this evening. #
  • Morning duet for refrigerator and garbage truck. #
  • Great trips to Denver and Long Beach, filled with art and sound — and, man, is it good to be home. #
  • OK, the newly two-year-old's nap is over. Time to head to Zine Fest. #
  • Retweeting is a form of change. RT @oblique: Repetition is a form of change. #
  • Haven't been to Amoeba before it opened in a long time. #
  • LGB -> SFO #
  • Apparently 3D-printed shells sound like actual shells. (SoundWalk exhibit.) #
  • Er, that is: "simulated." #
  • Beautiful stimulated rain-triggered music installation at SoundWalk. #
  • Following glenn bach's docent tour of both SoundWalk and the ambient noise of downtown Long Beach. #
  • And, yes, Disquiet Junto folks, there are glass harps at SoundWalk. #
  • Sound and shadow (part of Eric Strauss' installation at SoundWalk). #
  • Just a part of the lavish tape installation at SoundWalk by lavish womb. #
  • Long Beach store signage that may or may not be part of SoundWalk. #
  • Physical Graffiti Computing #
  • RIP, Hal David (b. 1921), who arguably inserted more phrases into the American consciousness than the Founding Fathers. #sayalittleprayer #
  • Didn't love the PBS/BBC series Zen, but haven't since been able to have an espresso without thinking about it. #
  • Major thanks again to futureprüf-dot-com for design/production support on my site. New comments style looks stellar: #
  • Eight renditions of a sheet of Beck's Song Reader up so far: #
  • Radio station is doing a "best lead guitarist" countdown. Keith Richards is its number 2. "Beast of Burden" seems like an odd song choice. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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