New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Doing my part to support the economy. MT @jmmy_kppl: i walked through a shop because @djunto told me to. #
  • “Don’t you got any Christmas music?” “This is Christmas music.” #
  • Morning sounds: refrigerator hum, quiet buzz of distant traffic, passing bus. #
  • 3 sonic documents of consumer space so far in @djunto #37 Simi Valley Target, Dorset Primark, Manhattan Macy’s: #
  • Cloud sync means four devices on your desk near-simultaneously signaling a calendar event. #
  • Interesting standoff between networks and Apple about network IDs. Did record companies ever balk at the absence of a label field in iTunes? #
  • The faces are so all familiar in the trailer to Spielberg’s Lincoln that it looks like an exercise in anachronism cosplay. #
  • Nix that. Per @nynexrepublic (@disquiet “I would not be surprised to learn of a Hello Kitty taser”), confirmed existence thereof. #
  • Maybe if I put Hello Kitty stickers on my Zoom H4n, fewer people will mistake it for a taser. “I’m a field recordist. We mean no harm.” #
  • It helps that the dual microphones on the Zoom H4n look like deathray devices from a James Bond movie starring the Micronauts. #
  • Gauging quasi-objective sound-recording quality is not exactly in my skill set, but man does this Zoom H4n sound good. #
  • “Pre-Raphaelites trailer.” #
  • There will be a Fringe episode titled “Transilence Thought Unifier Model-11.” That is all. #
  • Week 1 of the sound class I’m teaching, with videos, syllabus, an in-class exercise, and other documents: #
  • The 37th weekly @djunto project is now live: + #
  • I had a blast teaching about sound (in the media landscape) yesterday. I kind of want it to be next Wednesday already. #
  • Ghost bus. #
  • RIP, composer, scholar (Cage, Young, Zazeela), and Internet early-starter William Duckworth (b. 1943). via @seatedovation #
  • Watermarked pre-release copies means critics must have more confidence in publicists than publicists have in critics. #
  • This week’s @djunto project is the first in a series related to this: Details to follow. To start: field recordings. #
  • Funny if auction of Eric Clapton’s Richter, “Abstraktes Bild (809-4),” meant painter henceforth more associated with him than Sonic Youth. #
  • Yeah, fog horns still at it in the morning. I hope no one ever comes up with a better-than-fog-horn solution. #
  • Sounds like the fog horns are pulling an all-nighter. #
  • Dinner: rainbow chard, chicken habanero sausage, jasmine rice. Soon as the kid’s asleep: (last night’s) Sons of Anarchy season premiere. #
  • Overly invested in this S.H.I.E.L.D. show being Marvel’s answer to @brubaker‘s Gotham Central. #
  • Class homework: watching Gordon Hempton documentary (Soundtracker), reading Brian Eno essay on perfume, starting semi-daily sound journal. #
  • In class showed main, alt-earth, and retro-’80s versions of Fringe opening credits; also: classic/corny and real-sound Kit Kat commercials. #
  • Exercises from today’s sound class: journal entry (listening in/to the classroom; no speaking); sonic memories of average Wed. morning. #
  • Best part of Apple event is watching @gewang + @dizzybanjo reactions. in reply to gewang #
  • Sound Class, Week 1: sound journal, Oliveros (Deep Listening), Schafer (soundscape), JJ Abrams, Fringe, clairaudience, Kit Kat, sonification #
  • This lineup of David Byrne / How Music Works conversations is pretty amazing: #
  • Nearing-midnight sounds: dishwasher, magazine being paged through, typing, light electric whine. #
  • What in two decades will be the term for implemented skeuomorphism nostalgia? #
  • While reading @Richard_Kadrey‘s Kill the Dead over lunch, I made thick red chili for dinner. I think its boiling is what Hell sounds like. #
  • Digging the elegant literalism of the cover to Nate Silver’s forthcoming book on predictions, The Signal and the Noise: #
  • Reddit confuses me. Why’s there a link to a 50th anniversary Kind of Blue video (i.e. from several years ago) on the home page? #
  • Thanks, whichever municipal worker made the crosswalk audio signals at 25th and Geary phase out of sync. #
  • Turn corner, hear choral music: massive midweek funeral at neighborhood Russian Orthodox Church, its steps lined with singing parishioners. #
  • Tuesday noon civic siren in San Francisco on 9/11. #
  • If you need a question mark you haven’t sufficiently formulated your sentence. #
  • This morning’s wake-up call: Tyondai Braxton remixing Philip Glass: #
  • Man, the 36th @djunto project is nearing 50 entries, bringing total tracks to over 1300, total participants to almost 250. #
  • Last night’s Alphas (on SyFy) continued with the infrasonic plot thread. #
  • This coming week’s Disquiet Junto project will be pure field recording, a first for the series. #
  • Information flows through this. #
  • The fogpunk mythology of the Richmond District: Gundam Sutro on the hill and bleating mecha whales in the bay #
  • Not a speaker. (Domestic steam vent.) #
  • The Clyfford Still”“themed @djunto project more active than I’d expected. Over 40 abstract works derived from Bach, with half a day to go. #
  • RIP, Bill Moggridge (b. 1943), IDEO cofounder: #
  • SFEMF has been great, but after 4 nights in a row, I think I am skipping night 5 for some family time. #
  • A great SFEMF night. I think I’ve gone every year since returning in 2003 from New Orleans, except 2010, when my kid was born 2 weeks early. #
  • Loud Objects (Perich, Flanigan) at SFEMF tonight: the perfect counterpoint to last night’s Basinski. Wires in lieu of tape, solder vs decay. #
  • Tonight @SFEMF: C/Kluster’s Moebius, serial inventor Richard Lerman, Loud Objects (Perich/Flanigan), Cheryl Leonard (rocks/contact-mic star) #
  • Man, first @naotko and soon (on 9/23) @mapmap. Soon half the @djunto will have met up with @robert_henke. Excellebt. #
  • Clearly when someone getting “a spot in the U.S. Open Men’s Final” deserves a @nytimes email alert the world is at peace & all’s well. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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