1:13 of Rattle, No Hum (MP3)

A spare beat from Virginia

It’s a short piece, a mere beat, really, barely a minute. It’s a rhythmic utterance, a rattle with an occasional flare-up. There’s a jittery sound, like a pair of dice being rolled in cupped hands, or a spray-paint can being shaken in advance of some mercenary street artistry, the potential evidence muffled by an oversized coat. It’s “Vncertainty” by Glia, the Virginia-based musician, and in this presumably unfinished form (it’s described in the accompanying note as a “warm up beat”) it serves less as a full listening experience than as something hinting at prospects, and also submitting itself for repeat listens, for looping, for the repetition that is, as we know well, a form of change. It’s worth listening for those changes, for the depth to be perceived between the downbeats, for the way the flares suggest sparks on a rail, for the tonal quality of each percussive element. It may just be a warm up beat, but sometimes practice is perfect.

More on Glia at mitaminelab.com and emetece.net.

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