Pumpkin Up the Volume (MP3)

Sampling the seasonal squash

A belated Halloween treat, but since Thanksgiving is still almost a month away, there’s plenty of time for creative reuse of pumpkin — not just pies, but gurgling ambient-electronic tracks whose sonic source material is the squash itself. According to the brief liner note accompanying “Dreams from Sleeping in a Pumpkin” by Average Alien, “All those rumbling sounds are made in and on a pumpkin.” There is rumbling, a viscous burbly undercurrent, and all manner of knocking. Around this time every year, it’s worth noting that any music can be scary music — that scary is about context and association, not some Newtonian sonic law of synthesizer effects and timpani. It’s also worth noting, apparently, that not all Halloween music even need be scary.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/average-alien. Average Alien is the British-based musician Allan Brugg, more on whom at twitter.com/alien_artifex.

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