Netlabel Derivations, Collected (MP3s)

The netlabel Nowaki collects the Disquiet Junto project derived from its efforts.

“All these bottles thrown into the sea eventually found recipients.” So read a brief note from Marc Jolibois of the France-based netlabel Nowaki. The phrase was his poetic and succinct summary of what had occurred — which is that the combined efforts of the Disquiet Junto members had, back in late September, taken several tracks released on Nowaki and combined them into new, original works.

The Nowaki netlabel was selected for the Juno project for a simple reason: while there are many netlabels (some 500 or so active ones at this stage, releasing music intentionally for free download), and while their practice embraces the Creative Commons, very few go the next step and make their music available for the production of derivative works. Nowaki is the sadly rare exception. So it was that, in the end, 19 Disquiet Junto members went to work on a handful of Nowaki tracks.

Read the original instructions for the project: “Netlabel Derivations.” Download the Nowaki compilation as a Zip archive. View, and stream, the set at and here:

“All these bottles thrown into the sea eventually found recipients” — and those recipients took the bottles, combined their contents, and filled the bottles anew with the concoctions.

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