Dental Maneuvers (MP3)

Random Coil channels his anxiety.

We all deal with fear in various ways, ranging from avoidance to confrontation. The Berlin-based musician who goes by Random Coil was faced with impending dental work, and he channeled his anxiety sonically in a manner that benefits from both avoidance and confrontation. The track is a recording of him munching on a Ziegler Käsetaler, which appears to be a sort of cracker or cookie, and then transforming it through various techniques: “running it through convolution reverb using 1) a swimming pool impulse response 2) a cheesy synthbeat drumloop,” he writes. It’s confrontational in that he works directly with the sounds of his teeth in action, but has a touch of avoidance in that the sounds are, while recognizable, torqued and contorted with deep, dubby effect.

Track origianlly posted for free download at (Image from the film Marathon Man.)

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