Metal on Pause

Widesky records a Thanksgiving tune that's both reflective and incendiary.

SoundCloud has been quieter than usual over what is, at least in the United States, a long holiday weekend, yet that didn’t keep some musicians from not just posting but recording new music. On Thanksgiving day itself, Widesky taped the raspy white-noise ambience that is “Become a Blur.” It’s a slowly blosoming track, which Widesky describes as an improvisation performed on guitar with various effects pedals. The beauty of it isn’t merely its attenuated pace or its loose structure, but the way those staples of soft-focus music are performed, in fact, with tones that seem more out of incendiary heavy metal. The contradictions are enticing.

Widesky is Seth Chrisman of Seattle, Washington, more from whom at

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