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  • Well, that's a hassle. The auto-Twitter post plugin Twitter Digest worked the first week, didn't the second. Shouldn't be this complicated. ->
  • Today's productivity powered by OPT COMMAND â—„ â–º in VLC. ->
  • RIP, Lee Dorman (b. 1942), bassist on proto-drone rock classic "In-A-Gadda-De-Vida" by Iron Butterfly:… ->
  • Morning sounds: sleeping toddler's steady breathing, percussion of rain against the windows ->
  • Holiday music I can get behind: "Silent Night" covered by Scanner and by Robert Fripp: ->
  • "My phone is silent, hella silent." Overheard at Target. ->
  • RIP, Mike Scaccia (b. 1965), guitarist (Ministry, Rigor Mortis). Reportedly seizure due to strobe light. ->
  • And on Sunday, December 23, 2012, Marc Weidenbaum ceased capitalizing the "t" in t-shirts, though he retained the hyphen. ->
  • 25 musicians have produced 60-second audio journals of 2012: Do consider joining in. Deadline is Monday, 11:59pm. ->
  • This horrendous cover of "Cecilia" has stumped Google's song identifier software. Or, more likely, simply fried the code. ->
  • I'm not at Jump Festa, but "Tokyo Dawn" by @naotko reminded me of waking early to watch kids disembark in Chiba: ->
  • Part of the point of @djunto is it's dependably there if you have time, so there will indeed be a 52nd project on Thursday: netlabel remix. ->
  • At café writing before holiday dinner. Yesterday's crazy lady not here today. Haunted by what she said: "I make money by confessing my sins" ->
  • This café plays one of those channels with only cover versions of well-known songs. Makes me wonder if the food and coffee are second hand. ->
  • RIP, mangaka Keiji Nakazawa (b. 1939), author of Barefoot Gen, Hiroshima native. ->
  • The morning's soundtrack: The Beach Boys' Christmas Album. ->
  • Learning about the nature of feedback loops by trying not to fall asleep while putting my 2.3-year-old to bed for a nap ->
  • While waiting to speak with a reservationist you will be entertained by an onholdist. ->
  • RIP, Ray Collins (b. 1936), Mothers of Invention vocalist. ->
  • RIP, film composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett (b. 1936). ->
  • RIP, TV's Gerry Anderson (b. 1929), developer of Thunderbirds, UFO, Space: 1999: ->
  • You don't miss your water — that is, don't know you have a favorite shot glass until it breaks: ->
  • That moment when filming a little home video where you pause the stereo so you will retain uncontested ownership of your memories. ->
  • Pondering whether the Downstream section of Disquiet should expand to include streaming-only music, and video for that matter. ->
  • What is the online version of the ripped-in-half $100 bill? ->
  • I watch Person of Interest for the interstitials. ->
  • Bunch of translations ready for 52nd weekly @djunto project, last of 2012. Goes live today. Next week, 53rd project inaugurates 2013. ->
  • Sad to read @crewest gallery is closing, after a decade of great exhibits in downtown L.A. I'm proud to have exhibited there. ->
  • The year's final Disquiet Junto project (netlabel remix) has gone to the mailing list and is at + ->
  • What an incredible experience @djunto has been in 2012. I can't thank the participants enough. Project 52 has begun, due New Year's Eve. ->
  • One good reason to make jambalaya with a 2.3-year-old is to hear a 2.3-year-old say "jambalaya" over and over excitedly. ->
  • Finally sorted out what bugs me about our longtime jambalaya recipe. Replaced chicken breasts with thighs. Made all the difference. ->
  • Man, a lot happens in the first episode of Firefly. #latetotheparty ->

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  1. Yikes! Ray Collins and Lee Dorman have joined the Afterlife Orchestra? I am feeling really old… time to drag out InAGadda and We’re Only In It For The Money.

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