The (First) 52 Weeks of the Disquiet Junto

From ice in a glass to dirty minimalism to netlabel remixes – and onward

Right now, around the planet, musicians are at work on the 52nd weekly project in the Disquiet Junto series. The projects began on the first Thursday of 2012 with a simple request: take the sound of ice in a glass and make something of it. The response was strong enough to suggest the projects be announced weekly, and that in turn has led to almost 1,700 tracks by almost 280 active contributors, and to concerts in 4 cities around the United States. The 52nd, in which three tracks from the Bump Foot netlabel are being combined into one original work, is due, fittingly, one minute before midnight on New Year’s Eve — that’s 11:59pm wherever you are. The Junto will continue into 2013, right on schedule, with a new project next Thursday, January 3. Here is a recap of the projects from year one of the Disquiet Junto:

1: ice cubes ”¢ 2: duet for foghorn and steam whistle ”¢ 3: expanded glass harp ”¢ 4: remixing Marcus Fischer ”¢ 5: adding sounds to everyday life ”¢ 6: remixing archival Edison cylinders ”¢ 7: create through subtraction ”¢ 8: rework Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography ”¢ 9: cross-species collaboration ”¢ 10: remix a previous Junto track ”¢ 11: everyday mechanical rhythms ”¢ 12: cut and paste ”¢ 13: remixing wild Up playing Shostakovich ”¢ 14: sonic version of Matt Madden’s Oubapo story ”¢ 15: aural RGB ”¢ 16: sandpaper and dice ”¢ 17: transition between field and composed ”¢ 18: relative prominence ”¢ 19: graphic score (photo by Yojiro Imasaka) ”¢ 20: use the NodeBeat app ”¢ 21: the four seasons ”¢ 22: sonic decay ”¢ 23: palindrone ”¢ 24: a suite of sonic alerts ”¢ 25: remixing project 24 ”¢ 26: making music from your trash ”¢ 27: turm the instruction text into sound ”¢ 28: remix a netlabel release ”¢ 29: music from water, inspired by William Gibson’s Count Zero ”¢ 30: sounds from silence ”¢ 31: Revisiting a 1955 Yoko Ono Fluxus piece ”¢ 32: sonify the 2012 U.S. presidential election polling data ”¢ 33: making music with a turntable but without vinyl ”¢ 34: Use the theme song of the Radius broadcast as the source of an original composition ”¢ 35: Make music from a sample page of Beck’s Song Reader sheet music ”¢ 36: Reworking Bach into abstract expressionism ”¢ 37: The sound of commerce ”¢ 38: Make a fake field recording ”¢ 39: Combine three tracks from the Nowaki netlabel into one ”¢ 40: Turn a Kenneth Kirschner duet into a trio ”¢ 41: Dirty minimalism ”¢ 42: Record a “naive melody” with your oldest and newest instruments> ”¢ 43: Make mechanical roars from the sound of a retail space ”¢ 44: Transition from storm to calm using field recordings from Sandy 2012 ”¢ 45: Combine material from the public domain adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Tom Sawyer ”¢ 46: Investigate a recording of the voting process for its “sonic fingerprint.” ”¢ 47: Turn the muffled voices of a distant party into the foundation of a recording. ”¢ 48: Celebrate the Creative Commons license that allows for derivative works by remixing music from the Three Legs Duck netlabel. ”¢ 49: Make a track, 50% of which is the sound of a tape cassette deck in motion. ”¢ 50: Encode a word or phrase in Morse Code and employ that as a track’s rhythm. ”¢ 51: Create a 2012 audio diary with a dozen five-second segments. ”¢ 52: Celebrate the Creative Commons by remixing three tracks from the Bump Foot netlabel.

More on the Junto at its page.

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