Week 2, Beat 2

Latest in new series by Philly's Arckatron

Continuing what he plans to be a weekly, 52-part series of original beats — “52 weekz, 52 beetz. every wedz” — Philadelphia’s Arckatron laid down the second of them today. It’s a much more placidly paced entry, following last week’s “ks: Oddknox(ious).” This time around Arckatron offers up “7th: human,” the beat playing out at seemingly half the speed of its predecessor. The more sedentary sensibility suits the project well, providing a more widely welcoming introduction. It’s a rate that also lets the idea of a shuffle slip in; “7th: human” is sly where “ks: Oddknox(ious)” was stentorian, compelling where its predecessor was commanding. The word “beat,” of course, is cover for a multitude of beats, beats that in combination form rhythm. Here the beats themselves range widely, from flangy slaps to heart-beat pulses to tonal clusters.

Keep up to date with the series at arckatron.us.

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