The Dark Lull

The structure of a glitchy haze from Mark Ward

Mark Ward does his best to underplay his track, but it’s a wonderfully glitchy bit of atmospheric play, and shouldn’t be missed. In his post, he mentions trimming it down (but it’s still over five minutes long), and he limits his description to the following: “Electronic babble, guitar drones and stretched voices.” That doesn’t get to the way the pitter patter, pixel-thin, razor-sharp beats prick at the light, ethereal drone of haze that he’s created. Nor does it begin to touch on the track’s structure, the way a deep lull intrudes midway through, tricking the listener into a dark space by suggesting the newfound quiet initially as a luxurious pause, when in fact it’s a tonal shift that flirts with willful, if artful, discomfort.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Ward at

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