Under the Hood in Caracas

Open-source code (in Pure Data) from Venezuela, courtesy of Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián


Some musicians make public the scores for their work, while others share the source audio for their mixes. And some post the code from which their music springs. Count among this last group Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián of Caracas, Venezuela. His four etudes for the software program Pure Data — a graphical environment for sound, among other things — are elegant explorations of ever-warping tones. In addition to posting the tracks for download (“PD Etude 01,” “PD Etude 02 a,” “PD Etude 02 b,” and “PD Etude 03”), he has made available the Pure Data “object” that allows those warpings to take place. For illustration purposes, up above is a screenshot of the first of these.


Here are links to Zip files containing the three Pure Data objects in which these etudes were performed and recorded: 01, 02, 03.

Tracks originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/joaquin-mendoza. More on Sebastián at joaquinmendoza.net. More on Pure Data, aka Pd, at puredata.info.

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