What I’m Up To

A bit of autobiography as part of the SoundCloud Heroes program

I was invited to participate in the SoundCloud Heroes project, which SoundCloud has described as a collection of individuals “who bring people together around sound by cultivating and engaging unique communities.” It’s an honor to be included.

I’ve created this little introduction at the request of the folks in the SoundCloud Community department. The audio provides a bit of autobiography — who I am, where I am, what I’m up to — and I’ve embedded related links:

Full disclosure: for participating in the SoundCloud Heroes program, I’ve been gifted the top-level account, Pro Plus, which among other things allows for unlimited storage of sounds and unlimited downloads. This capacity has excited me about a variety of projects I’ve been thinking of exploring, including a podcast, as well as more commissioned compilations like Instagr/am/bient and LX(RMX). I trust it will also gain addition attention to, and participants in, the Disquiet Junto group, which from the beginning has been housed on SoundCloud.

I recorded this audio on Sunday, January 13, 2013, and it went live on January 15.

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