Layering Reality (MP3)

Three simultaneous field recordings from Jez Riley French


From the excellent TouchRadio podcast series comes an array of field recordings by Jez Riley French. Much of the TouchRadio series includes field recordings, some raw (as in the work of Chris Watson) and some cooked (wherein real world sounds are transformed into raw material for a composition). In the case of this piece by French, the approach is somewhere in between, a layering and sequencing of documentary audio (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”instamatic blue mountains new south wales australia”|artists=Jez Riley French]

He explains the contents of his mix, a little over 12 and a half minutes in length and titled “instamatic: blue mountains, new south wales, australia”:

One of a bower floor, with contact microphones and geophone (nb. some of these low frequencies will not be audible via computer speakers) alongside a dawn chorus amidst light rain – drops falling centimetres from a conventional stereo microphone. Towards the middle of the piece, a further contact microphone recording enters, revealing one of the most bizarre fence wire sounds i’ve yet managed to gather.

The above photo accompanied the track when it was first posted at More from French at

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