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  • My 2.4-year-old makes museums with toys. Said today, "Everyone wants to look at the blue art." ->
  • Man, already over 20 tracks in the 56th weekly @djunto: Music from the tick of a clock. ->
  • Psyched about this new @MexWithGuns + @D1egoBernal cut: And I finally got to make my "Beats with the Councilman" joke. ->
  • Excited for this Thursday's @djunto project. The project was proposed by Michel Banabila (@banabila). It involves human speech. ->
  • RIP, jazz figure Butch Morris (b. 1947): ->
  • Today's was 1st Tuesday noon siren after re-reading Delisle's Pyongyang, which includes phrase "Municipal loudspeakers intone their litany." ->
  • Hitchcock poster or lost Peter Gabriel album cover? ->
  • Looking forward to the opening of the Silence exhibit tonight at the Berkeley Art Museum. ->
  • Today's unintentional remix provided by earbud cord rubbing against jacket zipper while waking. ->
  • RIP, Steven Deal, aka Stevo, of Bleached Black. Very sad. Via @audiation ->
  • New semester of course I teach on sound in the media landscape starts a week from today. Very excited to meet the new students and dive in. ->
  • New @djunto project today developed by Rotterdam-based Michel Banabila, who's collaborated with Czukay, Machinefabriek, Zenial, among others ->
  • Silence. Massive exhibit currently at the Berkeley Art Museum. ->
  • Please join the 57th @djunto project. Explore UCLA's Phonetics Lab Archive for its emotive content ->
  • The 57th project is in 8 (!) languages: Afrikaans, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Polish, and Turkish: ->
  • Weird WordPress/markdown issue in the current @djunto instructions. Markdown is removing an underscore in text target URLs. #hassle #major ->
  • Any experts in Markdown wanna remind me how to get around two underscores in a URL mistakenly triggering italics? Thanks! ->
  • Markdown support. Thanks! RT @inky: @disquiet ah! escaping them like this might work: \_ (not sure if that works universally in markdown) ->
  • Man, I wish I were in Rome for this: Exhibit on intersection of sound and design. ->
  • RIP, Nagra creator and audio-engineering legend Stefan Kudelski (b. 1929) ->

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