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The self is a hall of mirrors: microsound edition

Richard Chartier has posted for free download a track from over half a decade back (its originating material over a decade old), six minutes of everyday noise transformed into glitchy distillates. It’s a track that represents him twice reworking his own music. The story goes as follows. Back in the late 1990s, when microsound — music made from, and expressing the inherent qualities of, low-level noises — was coming into its own, he released an album titled Postfabricated. There were, as he tells it, production issues; in particular, he writes, “a studio engineer not accustomed to this type of recorded material compromised the details of the sounds.” He subsequently tried to reconstruct the music from scratch, yielding a collection he titled Repostfabricated. And in turn he gave the source material to a slate of musicians and asked them to rework it, yielding PostPostfabricated. Among those musicians were CoH, Vend, Asmus Tietchens, Frank Bretschneider, Goem, Taylor Deupree, Alva Noto, Freiband, Sogar, Byetone, Matmos, Steve Roden, and Chartier himself. “Pfiler” is his reworking of his reworking of his own work:

Track originally posted for free download at More from Chartier, who’s based in Washington, D.C., at and

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