Scandinavian Psychedelia

Opening a Swedish archive

The web is often a place where old tracks go to stream. It’s a vast, inexpensive repository for the public consumption of works past their initially intended sell-by date. For active musicians, it is frequently the case that past work represents very much that, the past, and that as the past recedes the work from that time becomes all the less representative of who they are and what they are up to. Much as with yesterday’s recommended track, in which Richard Chartier posted an old revisitation of an even older work, the duo Ï€ Dogx has begun posting archival material. The initial track, “1. Trollskogen (M),” comes from their debut album, which dates from 2008, though what’s heard here was remastered at the tail end of 2012. It’s loopy, synthesized stuff, replete with warped vocals, shapeshifting samples, and sublimated field recordings. It’s deeply psychedelic.

Track originally posted for free download at Ï€ Dogx is Bo Davidson and HÃ¥kan Müller of Linköping, Sweden.

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