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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • February 10 is the birthday of both @carlstone and @robert_henke. I think this should be some sort of electronic holiday. ->
  • Not that anyone should look at a screen on a beautiful San Francisco day such as this, but who are Richmond District tweeters I should know? ->
  • Kinda missed Dilla Day due to tending to my then-semi-ailing kid, but by chance had listened to Dilla anyhow. Kids like Donuts. ->
  • Is there any way to get iBooks-style continuous scrolling in FBReader? ->
  • How perfect that the first entry in our remix project of Endless Ascent netlabel is, per chance, by @Icarus_Descent: ->
  • "Aardvark—Fiction." #loc ->
  • Visual remnant of what Chinese New Year sounded like: ->
  • Impromptu Craigslist road trip. Crate digging. ->
  • I already miss looking forward to Steven Soderbergh films. ->
  • Scored four 12"s at Craigslist crate dig: Art of Noise's Gunn, Ice T's Rich & Famous, INXS' What You Need, Geto Boys' Mind Playing Tricks. ->
  • Thank you for making my week. RT @PennSound: Christian Hawkey took silences from 45 readings by Ashbery on PennSound: ->
  • Audio recording I made today during Chinese New Year celebrations in the Tenderloin: ->
  • Realized that old Ice-T 12" I snagged today of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous" isn't the original but, better yet, a DJ Premier remix. ->
  • Mostly for @robsheff @christianbok @tomcomitta: The silences of John Ashbery. What the poet says when he says nothing: ->
  • Afternoon score on day I watch my 2.5-year-old: foreground is toddler's light snoring; background is neighbor's leaf blower. ->
  • Almost 20 tracks reworking various releases from the Endless Ascent netlabel: Cc @djunto ->
  • Thanks! MT @SoundCloud: @djunto is an open communal soundmaking group. Hear latest project celebrating Creative Commons ->
  • Dear Anyone: I rarely tweet health whines but my poor little kid's pink eye is the primary reason I haven't replied to your email/post/tweet ->
  • Arnold Lobel's kids book Frog & Toad Are Friends works well with Frog in John Cage's voice & Toad in Morton Feldman's. #noiseparent #protip ->
  • Not surprised that Kraftwerk bio author pops up on a Resonance FM podcast. Just surprised it was on the cycling show: ->
  • Sound of the library where I'm getting some work done: ->
  • Even more addicted to Thomas Newman's Side Effects score than I'd expected to be. "Houston Free Meds" in particular. ->
  • Side Effects reminds me of first time I took note of Thomas Newman's name, due to percussive classical performance in movie Men Don't Leave. ->
  • Not into reality TV but would watch doc about Android/Apple fanboys who battle in blog comments. Inconvenient Troll? Troll to the Dark Side? ->
  • Caleb Kelly (aka @caleb_k), author of Cracked Media: The Sound of Malfunction, has a new blog: ->
  • Theme of this week's Disquiet Junto (@djunto) project is sonic autobiography. Starts Thursday. It's #59 in the ongoing series. ->
  • 4 hours ago I posted the sound of a room where I sat alone in the library: 120 listens later, I sure feel less alone. ->
  • Ooh, a remix (by @happypuppyrecs) of my library HVAC drone recording: #dronesofdrones ->
  • My Nexus 4 hasn't gotten 4.2.2 yet, no. Thanks for askin'. ->
  • Reading story collections by Paolo Bacigalupi and Kelly Link. Beautiful, but so florid I may read a catalog about concrete when I'm done. ->
  • 2nd class today of my weekly @academy_of_art sound course: dead celebrities, oral history, audio ecology, listening exercise, synesthesia ->
  • Information flows through this: ->
  • The autobiography @djunto project has been delayed a week. This week's involves the human voice and requires a die (i.e., singular of dice). ->
  • Paolo Bacigalupi's short story “The People of Sand and Slag" is not something you want to have finished reading just before lunch. ->
  • Same thing's happening now with Stonesthrow as with Touch Radio, where the podcast shows on RSS before the web page. Weird. ->
  • Google's TTS (text to speech) is radically reducing my mobile music intake in favor of blog posts and ebooks. ->
  • I didn't post special Valentine's Day music on Disquiet (.com) today. I just, as always, posted music that I love. ->
  • The 59th Disquiet Junto (@djunto) project begins momentarily. It requires a single die and your mouth. ->
  • The 59th @djunto project is now live at + #vowels #choral #drone #random #dice ->
  • Excellent. Got access to my Twitter archive. Looking forward to digging in. Cc @lhalff ->
  • "Reading the Settings options." 19 Jun 07 #twitterarchive #firsttweet ->
  • "The air conditioning has stopped. All the better to hear my hard drive whir." 21 Jun 07 #twitterarchive ->
  • I have mentioned HVAC 31 times (well, now 31) on Twitter. #twitterarchive ->
  • I have mentioned Pink Floyd five times and pink eye once since joining Twitter. #twitterarchive ->
  • Based on this graph 2010 is the year I really got underway on Twitter though I joined back in mid-2007. ->
  • I was on Twitter 339 days before using the word "ambient." #twitterarchive ->
  • I was on Twitter 109 days before using the word "noise." #twitterarchive ->
  • Greene on Zero Hour, Carter on Falling Skies, Corday on Dr. Who and Arrow. How did ER take over TV science fiction? ->
  • Was reading about "secure USB debugging" in Android 4.2.2. Does this conflict at all with @idisplayapp's USB connect? ->
  • Ooh, already a work in this week's "choral drones from vowels" @djunto project: by @xyzr_kx ->
  • We should approximate holding "yay," "die." MT @Nonwrestler: @disquiet 2 dipthongs there (A, I); physically impossible to hold as "constant" ->
  • Current choral drone @djunto project has been, inevitably, picked up by one of those automated news aggregators on military drones. ->
  • Useful reminder about how to type "smart" quotes in OS X: ->
  • "It’s hard to hear the words over the noise of weapons, vehicles and Marco Beltrami’s bludgeoning score" (A.O. Scott on the new Die Hard.) ->
  • Beautiful. MT @echosonic: New for @djunto: Miroitant de l'eau [disquiet0059-vwls] by @echosonic via @soundcloud ->
  • Apparently "watermarked" means "so complicated to download that you never actually get to listen to it." ->
  • Someone will assign Jonathan Lethem to review the new Glenn Frankel book on The Searchers, right? ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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