Cello + Raspberry Pi (MP3)

A 25-minute live performance by Ted Laderas

With the bow pulled slowly enough to be mistaken for a tai chi posture, and enough overtones to fill the rafters of a small barn, Ooray embarked on a solo performance earlier this month at Valentine’s in Portland, Oregon. He’s posted the resulting audio, and it’s highly recommended. It’s less a piece than a suite, a series of semi-independent approaches to the electronically mediated cello that is the core of his musical practice. The opening portion is more echo than transformation, layers of drones aiding and abetting each other. The second introduces a pulsing piano figure. Then comes a more feedback-laden drone, amid which he plays a maudlin solo that slowly takes on an orchestral aura. And finally, there’s a portion with a broken beat and a glitchy feel to it, the bow pouncing on the strings like a playful cat, and the whole thing glistening to something at times almost rave-like in its exuberance. In a brief note accompanying the track, Laderas mentions that this was his first outing with his attempt to include Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer that is fast gaining popularity for its modular opportunities.


Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/ooray. More on/from Ooray, aka Ted Laderas, at 15people.net.

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